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The Importance Of The Pump Lantern Ring

The Importance of the Pump Lantern Ring-KB Delta

Despite its simplistic look, the lantern ring is an integral part of a pumps compressor unit. Situated in the stuffing box of an engine and often also found in gate valves, the pump lantern ring serves many purposes simultaneously, while the system is in operation. To truly understand how important the pump lantern ring is,…

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The Role of Lantern Rings in a Pump System

There are a number of parts that keep pump systems operating efficiently. One of the most important, yet overlooked pieces is the lantern ring. The lantern ring rests between two packing sets, keeping lubrication in place and away from other vital pump parts. Lantern rings provide the necessary separation between essential pieces in the pump…

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What You Need to Know About Lantern Rings

What You Need to Know About Lantern Rings   Lantern rings create a separation in a packing set and keep packing lubricated and cool.  The rings are positioned across from a lubrication point where grease can be inserted to make operating valves easier and smoother. The lack of proper lubrication can affect operation of valves.…

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Three Steps to Finding the Right Lantern Rings

Maintaining pumps can be a huge hassle if you have to disassemble each piece in order to perform the necessary work. Lantern rings are a part commonly used in both pumps and compressors that make operation and maintenance exponentially easier. They are used to hold together a bearing surface while allowing the passage of lubrication…

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What Are PTFE Lantern Rings?

There are a lot of small parts in compressors, and other machinery, that can be hard to understand. PTFE lantern rings are one of those things that you might not know what they are or what their role is.   The Rings   Polytetraflueroethylene (PTFE) is a synthetic material that is more commonly called Teflon.…

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Parts of a Compressor Valve

The compressor valve is a simple but essential mechanism in any compressor. When the valve fails, it could be for any number of reasons. It is rarely necessary to replace the entire valve, let alone the entire compressor. There are a number of inexpensive parts that can be replaced on a compressor valve to improve…

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The Importance of Lantern Ring Placement in Pump Maintenance

The Importance Of Lantern Ring Placement In Pump Maintenance-KB Delta

Proper pump packing assembly and maintenance is of utmost importance to avoid pump breakdowns. Corrosion resistance for compressors that require lubrication is aided by the design of the valve’s compressor rings, but lubrication cannot be properly dispersed if rings are placed improperly or missing. Careful placement of quality lantern rings in your packing assembly decreases…

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