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Parts of a Compressor Valve

Compressor Valve Parts | KBDelta.comThe compressor valve is a simple but essential mechanism in any compressor. When the valve fails, it could be for any number of reasons. It is rarely necessary to replace the entire valve, let alone the entire compressor. There are a number of inexpensive parts that can be replaced on a compressor valve to improve its performance.

O-Rings and Gaskets

An O-ring is a type of gasket, but both accomplish the same thing. When compressed, the O-ring creates a seal between the two parts it is connecting to keep fluid in or out. They are essential for filling any imperfections in machined parts to allow a tight, impenetrable seal.

Springs or Spring Plates

The valve spring is essential in allowing the valve to open quickly and close completely. A lever is used to compress the spring as the valve begins to open, allowing air or fluid to pass through the valve. When the lever is released, the spring snaps quickly back into place, sealing the opening immediately. The material a spring can include of includes copper, stainless steel, chrome silicon, and super alloy springs, each specially developed for very specific applications.

Lantern Rings

Lantern rings are especially developed for use with fluids. They assist in uniform distribution of liquid and might be used to lubricate or seal parts. They also aid in preventing corrosion and scoring of parts.


Profile Rings

Profile rings are essential for creating a seal in valves, especially in high-temperature applications. They can be made of PEEK, MT, Nylon, or Carbon Peek. Their unique silhouette gives them the capacity to withstand intense pressure.

Valve Plates

A valve plate works with the other parts in the assembly to calibrate the flow of the air or liquid. They are often exposed to temperature extremes and need to be made of materials that can withstand it. They must be precision-made in order to operate effectively.

Every part of a compressor valve needs to work together. If any one part fails, it can be simpler and cheaper to replace that part to keep your machine running smoothly.

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