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What You Need to Know About Lantern Rings

What You Need to Know About Lantern Rings


Lantern rings create a separation in a packing set and keep packing lubricated and cool.  The rings are positioned across from a lubrication point where grease can be inserted to make operating valves easier and smoother. The lack of proper lubrication can affect operation of valves. The lantern ring allows for the application of grease and other lubricants while keeping other parts of the valve free of the contamination that can result from introduction of these substances.


What Makes a Lantern Ring Top-Notch?


High-quality lantern rings are made out of virgin or glass-filled PTFE and are molded to the precise shape needed. A lantern ring is available in a closed form, a half ring or a split design. The function of the device is to allow for application of lubricants while keeping other sections free of the materials. It should also not interfere with efficient functioning of the valve as grease is inserted.


Uses of Lantern Rings


Lantern rings can handle a variety of liquids, grease and lubricants and protect the valve from corrosion or scoring shafts. It also protects the stuffing box and prevents wear and tear. It can be used with a wide variety of non-solid substances such as:


  • Oil
  • Acids
  • Pulps
  • Caustics
  • Wastewater


The rings are found in valves used for sanitation, chemical production and waste management.  Other uses of lantern rings include:


  • Boiler Feed and Condensation Return Pumps
  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • Vertical Turbine Pumps


Quality Lantern Rings


High-quality lantern rings are put through a variety of tests to ensure they are ready for operation. The rings are shown to effectively deal with non-solid materials and deliver lubrication to parts of the valve without increasing downtime. An effective lantern ring extends the life of the valve and prevents problems that can arise from excessive dryness and stiffness that can interfere with functioning. In addition, the rings keep liquids and grease from entering other parts of the valve.




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