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The Role of Lantern Rings in a Pump System

There are a number of parts that keep pump systems operating efficiently. One of the most important, yet overlooked pieces is the lantern ring. The lantern ring rests between two packing sets, keeping lubrication in place and away from other vital pump parts. Lantern rings provide the necessary separation between essential pieces in the pump system and fluids that run through the pump.


What is Pump Packing?


Pump packing is used to prevent fluid and air leaks between the bonnet and the stem of the pump system. In order to keep the packing sealed, lubricants are used to protect it. However, these lubricants can adversely affect the rest of the pump, such as contaminating the threads in the stem. Lantern rings, however, separate the packing from the rest of the system, keeping the packing lubricated while keeping the rest of the pump system dry.


Customizing Your Lantern Ring


It is very important to have precise fit for your lantern ring. Lantern rings should be custom molded to the packing set, preventing any liquid from seeping out. Pump packing must have the proper density in order for the pump system to function. If there is any lubrication loss and the packing loosens, then a pump failure is possible, which can be a safety hazard.


Keeping Contaminants Out


The most critical role of lantern rings is keeping hazardous contaminants away from the pump stem. If the pump stem becomes scratched, blocked or warped, the entire pump could fail. Lantern rings keep corrosive oils and liquids within the pump body and away from the mechanical pieces. Since they are coated with a non-corrosive material, such as PTFE, lantern rings are resistant to the harmful effects of common pump fluids.


Find out the difference custom-fitted lantern rings can have on your pump system. With better fitting rings, you can get a more efficient, longer-lasting pump system that does not put unnecessary strain on the pump stem.



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