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About Us - Compressor Parts Manufacturer

Passion and experience makes all the difference for a compressor parts manufacturer.

About Us | Compressor Parts Manufacturer - KB Delta

What We Do

As a compressor parts manufacturer we pride ourselves on having 100% interchangeable OEM and aftermarket products. Our in-house injection molding machines, exclusive molds, metallic laser cutters, CNC machines, proprietary equipment and our attention to detail are the tools and qualities allowing KB Delta to provide durable, abrasion resistant and stress-free components. These are the characteristics together with our passion which gives us the ability to manufacture the best compressor valve parts in the industry and make KB Delta superior to our competitors.

Our History

KB Delta has become the premier compressor parts manufacturer and supplier of compressor valve parts for the natural gas, air, refrigeration and P.E.T. industries worldwide. KB Delta was established in 1982 by Boris Giourof, a recognized reliability specialist in the refinery and gas compressor industry.

After many years of servicing compressors, he became frustrated with poor OEM lead times and the inconsistent quality of parts. In the late 70s, Mr. Giourof developed new and innovative methods to manufacture compressor valve components. By 1981, he had established reliable fabricating processes and in 1982 launched KB Delta with the promise to manufacture high quality parts and ship them the same-day.

With more than 30 years of experience, KB Delta can proudly say we are one of the largest compressor parts manufacturers in North America. Our state-of-the-art equipment, years of engineering experience along with Boris’s dedication and commitment provides KB Delta the pleasure of assuring our compressor parts are OEM quality.

About Us | Compressor Parts Manufacturer - KB Delta

By his early twenties he was already a reciprocating compressor expert - Boris Giourof 1954


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About Us | Compressor Parts Manufacturer - KB Delta

Our Product Line

KB Delta manufactures the most durable and highest quality compressor valve repair parts in the industry. One factor which sets us apart as a compressor parts manufacturer is that we have the most complete product line in stock for valve refurbishment and repair.

Metallic plates and rings

Damping and Cushion plates

Spring plates

Wafer plates

Thermoplastic plates and rings





Complete Valve Kits

P.E.T. Compressor Parts

All Products are manufactured with the highest grade materials.

KB Delta continues to grow and expand all product lines while exceeding OEM specifications and providing fast delivery for each and every part we sell.

Our Advantages


100% Interchangeable with OEM Parts

KB Delta's products are backed by over 100 years of combined engineering and compressor repair experience. This ensures KB Delta has a thorough understanding of each part's function and critical design features which results in parts that are well manufactured and perform as the OEM intended.


Highest Quality Metallic Plates and Rings

KB Delta's state-of-the-art laser cutting equipment guarantees precisely cut metallic plates. Our proprietary stress-relieving procedures have dramatically improved part quality when flatness is critical. KB Delta's finishing processes ensure that our metallic plates are optimized for maximum abrasion resistance and durability.


Durable Thermoplastic Plates and RIngs

KB Delta's state-of-the-art in-house injection molding machines and proprietary molds ensure remarkable plate and ring durability. Our unique molds have been engineered to eliminate stress that is typically found with other vendor's parts. Simply put, our stress-free parts result in better sealing and improved valve plate lifespan and performance.

Our Vision

The KB Delta team is focused on delivering the most advanced compressor OEM and Aftermarket technologies and innovations in its never-ending drive to achieve best-in-class results that exceed customer expectations.

Our Mission

We make real what matters, our expertise in compressor OEM and Aftermarket, innovative engineering and precision manufacturing drive us and what we create. Together we deliver value to our customers.

About Us | Compressor Parts Manufacturer - KB Delta

Quality Policy

At KB Delta, Quality is an integral part of our Business Principles. These principles guide our actions to deliver products and services that are safe, compliant and preferred by our customers.

We are determined to:

Foster a quality culture with the objective of developing, manufacturing and providing products and services with zero defects that are trusted and preferred by our customers.

Comply with relevant laws and regulations as well as internal requirements.

Continuously challenge our team to improve the company quality management systems, prevent quality incidents, and eliminate defects through the review of quality objectives and results.

100% Interchangeable with OEM Parts

OEM Quality Every Part, Every Time

All OEM Makes and Custom Springs


When our compressors are in need of repair we cannot afford long lead times. For this reason we choose KB Delta, our parts get here fast and are always reliable.


Production Supervisor

For the last seven years we have purchased from KB Delta. Their parts perform better and they always have our parts in stock. We will continue to use KB Delta compressor parts.


Compressor Maintenance Technician
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