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The Importance of Lantern Ring Placement in Pump Maintenance

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Proper pump packing assembly and maintenance is of utmost importance to avoid pump breakdowns. Corrosion resistance for compressors that require lubrication is aided by the design of the valve’s compressor rings, but lubrication cannot be properly dispersed if rings are placed improperly or missing. Careful placement of quality lantern rings in your packing assembly decreases the frequency of breakdowns and maximizes the life of your pump.


Compressor Rings

Compression rings are present in any pump that requires lubrication, such as centrifugal pumps, positive displacement pumps, chemical processing pumps and valves, and sanitary equipment. The pump packing includes lantern rings that provide several vital functions:

  • Facilitate lubrication distribution to the packing material
  • Distribute cooling water to the packing rings
  • Help flush chemicals from the packing
  • Keep the stuffing box clear of debris and contaminants

These tasks directly contribute to the life of your compressor, making proper installation of lantern rings an essential part of your compressor maintenance.


Lantern Ring Placement and Maintenance

The perforations in a lantern ring allow a cooling substance, usually water, to reach the packing and shaft of your pump. The lantern ring must be properly located in order to flush the shaft and avoid breakdowns. If a ring is improperly placed, it could actually block the cooling substance. Using a low-quality lantern ring can save money, but increases the chance that the ring will become deformed by heat and collapse.

Compressor pump maintenance is essential to ensure your pump functions well, but there are a few common maintenance mistakes involving lantern rings that you should note:

  • Check to be sure you did not forget to reinstall the lantern ring.
  • Do not guess where the lantern ring was placed. Make a note before you remove all rings for maintenance.
  • Avoid temptation to add extra packing during maintenance as this leaves less space for the lantern ring to flush lubrication.


Extend the Life of Your Compressor

Making sure your compressor rings are properly placed and have adequate space to perform their functions will keep your compressor working well. Careful maintenance and quality rings will be worthwhile when you extend the life of your compressor.


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