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When Do You Need Custom Coil Springs?

Coil springs are found in almost every mechanical device: from watches to door handles to car suspension. This makes them readily available, but when should you get custom made coil springs rather than mass produced springs?

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There are so many benefits that come from getting custom made coil springs from a quality manufacturer. These springs play a big role in allowing the compressor to function properly. This makes it highly important to keep them in great condition and make sure they are made as well as possible. By finding a manufacturer who specializes in this area, you can be sure your compressor will run smoothly and efficiently at all times.


Combating Everyday Stress Placed on Springs

You may not see these springs, but they are an integrative component to many household and industrial machines. Whether you are seeking coil springs for compressor valves or a thousand other uses, there are some basic points to keep in mind about how springs work in order for them to maintain optimal function.

There are a variety of factors that can place wear and tear on a spring:

  • Corrosion: weakens springs due to environmental factors such as temperature and humidity.
  • Fatigue: knowing the spring’s fatigue limits is essential for securing the correct product for the job.
  • Lifespan: having and understanding of the likely lifespan of types of springs is necessary to match the right spring to the job.


Determining The Best Type of Coil Springs for You

Materials utilized in the construction of the springs should be carefully selected to withstand the specific wear that will occur depending on the type of machinery used and the surrounding environment. The benefit of choosing custom made coil springs rather than mass produced springs is that it allows you to determine what is needed based on your exact environment.

Consider the following four principles when purchasing coil springs to achieve a better outcome.

1. Temperature: Hot Springs vs. Cold Springs

Temperature affects all substances, and metal is no exception. Having an understanding of the environment in which your springs will operate will help you choose the optimal surface treatment for the job. Metals expand and contract in temperature fluctuations, and the dynamics of the change in heat must be accounted for.

Heat and humidity band together to change the state of almost all materials over time. For this reason, determining the appropriate surface treatment for the coil is almost as important as calculating the necessary size, and whether or not custom made coil springs will be needed.

You will need to calculate the temperature at which your springs will operate. Even small deviations from room temperature can influence the function of materials used in spring construction. Certain types of materials including MP35N and Nimonic 90 can perform well at temperatures as high as 1020 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Form

Begin with the basics and find out the size, strength, and structure of spring that you will need for your equipment. Ask manufacturing experts to share their input on the type of spring that will work best. There are diverse designs for spring mechanics to handle stresses across one or more normal planes, and you will need to choose a model that provides the correct tolerance.

There are many wire forms to choose from, and your manufacturer can help explore the options. For example, you may want to look into flat wire springs. These are more difficult to construct but provide several benefits including:

  • Better shock absorption
  • Wider impact distribution
  • Tighter concentration of energy for use in smaller spaces

Flat wire springs function just like round wire springs, only with a higher load capacity. The shape is more difficult to manufacture, but the extra mile pays off. Due to the flat wire’s larger surface area, force of impact can be distributed over a larger surface area, which aids in preventing coil damage and slowing down natural wear and tear. The same feature that allows them to handle more force also enables them to store more energy, giving them more “spring.”

3. Location

Different climates and geographical areas present diverse challenges to part maintenance. When selecting if you need custom made coil springs, research the corrosive elements you should be aware of and the materials that will stand the test of time in your location. Some corrosive elements to consider are:

  • Humidity
  • Sea water
  • Nitric acid
  • Sulfur dioxide
  • Sulfuric acid
  • Hydrogen sulfide

There are additional factors relating to premature corrosion, so be sure to research the environment thoroughly before choosing your material.

Because springs can easily stop working due to a change in temperature or corrosion, it is wise to find a company who will sit down with you and discuss the materials, dimensions, testing, manufacturing, quality, surface treatment and prototyping of the springs in detail.

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Finding The Right Manufacturer for Custom Made Coil Springs

It is a good idea to search around and find the manufacturer who will sit down with you and hear your specifications about the springs. This person should listen to what you need and try their best to make accurate calculations, so you get exactly what you are asking for.

Be sure this expert also does simulations, prototypes and measures as they test the springs. Also, ask the company about the best material choices for them according to your specifications. Some materials work better than others depending on your needs.


By Customizing Springs, They Will Last Their Entire Lifespan

By simply choosing a manufacturer who is able to customize the coil springs for your compressor, you are guaranteeing that the springs will last their entire lifespan. This is one of the many benefits that comes with custom made springs. The professional will use probability science and statistical methods to see how long the springs in question will last you.

They will also work with you to find the best material for the springs needed and that will play a role in how long they last as well. This is great because you can financially prepare for the next time you will have to replace the springs. This also allows you to keep an eye on the springs whenever they are near the end of their life, so you can replace them before the compressor stops working on you.

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