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3 Characteristics of Quality Valve Plate Assembly Part Manufacturers

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If your company relies on compressors for your production, you know how much the valve plates take on a significant amount of wear. These plates help to create the seal needed for the compressor to function properly. When your original valve plates wear out, you want to purchase replacement parts that will last at a competitive price. The following three characteristics will help you to identify the valve plate manufacturer that will best suit your company’s needs.


1. Quality Materials


As many compressors can be exposed to excessive heat, caustic chemicals, and dirty gas. You will want to make sure that your supplier of valve plates and dampening discs uses the highest quality materials. These can either be high-grade 410 or 420 stainless steel for your metallic valve plates. Higher-grade stainless steel resists acid, water, steam, crude oil, or gasoline degradation. Additionally, look for a manufacturer that will produce chemical resistant thermoplastic parts.


2. Precision Cut


Precision cutting of valve plate’s complex designs allow the plates to function properly to produce a quality seal. Recent advances in technology allow quality plate manufactures to use laser-cutting equipment to make precise, flat parts that will be more abrasion resistant and durable over time.


3. Fast Availability of Replacement Parts


When equipment fails and you do not have a backup, you want to be connected with a manufacturer that will quickly be able to send you a replacement. That is why it is crucial to characterize the inventory that a supplier of valve plates continuously has on hand. First, identify the different types of plates that you utilize in your production compressors. Second, contact the valve plate supplier and ask for their current inventory for these products. A company that you can rely on will be able to quickly send you a replacement part so that you can get your equipment up and running again.


Your business depends on the materials you use in manufacturing. When looking for a valve plate supplier, three important characteristics of a quality supplier are that it uses quality materials, has precision cutting equipment, and can quickly supply you with the parts that you need.


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