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Why Flat Wire Springs are Important


Single Flat Wire Springs | KB Delta


Springs are an important part of nearly any piece of equipment, including compressors. Whether you are repairing an old unit or refurbishing a new one, you are going to need at least a few springs. Flat wire springs are an important part that can make all the difference in the world. Here are some reasons why this type of spring can be so important.


Reduces Failures

The fact that these springs are constructed from flat wire makes them less prone to failures than round wire springs. Flat wire is more easily compressed than other springs, meaning that there will be less stress put on the actual wire as it is being acted upon. When a round wire experiences a massive force for too long, it tends to break. Flat wire, being more easily flattened, is less likely to break or bend.

Contain More Energy

The energy stored within different springs is important. A flat wire spring has the potential to hold more energy than flat wire springs simply because of the way they are constructed. Flat wire springs store more energy, which means they can provide more force to your unit. A spring constructed from flat wire is, essentially, a “springier” spring than one made of round wire.


Stronger and Sturdier

Nothing absorbs force like a flat wire spring. The larger spaces between loops help to disperse force and prevent breakages. Force is more able to spread across the flat surface of this wire than it is a round spring. This means that the coil will absorb and distribute any impact, even one that would easily snap a round wire coil. This all adds up to flat wire springs being some of the safest and most effective parts for your equipment.

When replacing the springs in any piece of equipment, be sure to consider what flat wire springs can do for you. They provide greater strength and more contained energy than other springs, while also experiencing fewer failures. Make sure your equipment is in the best possible state with flat wire springs.



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