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The Key to Unlocking Power with a Top-Quality Ported Valve

The Key to Unlocking Power with a Top-Quality Ported Valve - KB Delta

Discover everything you need to know about the ported valve, including their benefits, design, material type, and ideal use, in this comprehensive blog post. Valves are carefully crafted devices designed to regulate, control, or direct fluid flow within a process or system to define them fundamentally. In most cases, they feature several characteristics that help…

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How to Choose the Right Wafer Plate Material

Wafer Plate Material | KB Delta

Choosing the right wafer plate material is important, which is why it’s ideal to fully understand the options available. Read further for more details. Determining the ideal material for your compressor part needs, including wafer plates, is an important step in the replacement process. Predominately, your options will be limited to thermoplastics and metallic. But,…

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How Does Laser Cutting Create Metal Valve Plates?

How Does Laser Cutting Create Metal Valve Plates - KB Delta

How are valve plates created so perfectly you may ask? The magic of laser cutting and a chosen type of gas. Learn all about the details below. The laser cutting process is used in creating metal valve plates that are one of the most important components in a compressor. This process uses assist gas including…

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6 Bad Valve Symptoms to Look Out For

KB Delta is an expert in understanding compressor valves and compressor valve parts. Unfortunately, there are several bad valve symptoms that you have to be wary of to ensure that you are not working with faulty valve stem seals. A proper valve seal will save the thousands of dollars that might be spent to get…

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The Importance of Precision Lapping for Valve Plates

The Importance of Precision Lapping for Valve Parts-KB Delta

The importance of precision lapping for valve plates in a free abrasive machining process cannot be overemphasized. For instance, it can provide parallelism, flatness, thickness identity,  and surface finishes to tolerances that are extremely demanding. In the same vein, precision lapping can ensure that finished pieces are created without the introduction of heat and stress…

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Why You Need a Laser Metal Cutting Machine for Compressor Plates

What is Laser Profiling and Why is it Important?-KB Delta

Every part of a compressor needs to be systematically cut, molded, and created in order to work properly, which is why a laser metal cutting machine is essential when making compressor valve plates. Well-crafted compressor plates, also called compressor valve plates, can mean the difference between an efficient compressor and one which costs a manufacturer…

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Don’t Stress About Stressing Out Your Compressor Valve Plate

Compressor Valve Plate | KB Delta

Your compressor valve plate is the heart of a compressor. So, when they break down it’s essential to find a new plate immediately. Here’s how to. In everything in life, there seems to be that extra special part that may be small compared to the whole, but becomes large when it breaks down. Sometimes you…

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5 Surprising Industries That Use Spring Plates

Spring Plates and Uses in Different Industries | KB Delta

Spring plates are used in a diverse range of applications and industries and are an essential component of many different types of machinery. The role of the spring plate in various applications is somewhat similar, whether that be a motor or a compressor. Without this component, many of the machines we know and use would…

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7 Common Uses of Damping Plates

Damping Plates | KB Delta

Damping plates are used in a variety of industries and machinery applications. Choosing the right type of damping plate for your compressor and other high-powered machinery needs is the key to maintaining high functioning and reliable operations. While damping plates have a wide variety of use cases, their role is similar in nature.   What…

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What is the Best Thermoplastic Valve Plate Material?

What Thermoplastic Valve Plate Material Is Best for You? | KB Delta

  As with any choice in engineering, there is often more than one correct solution. When choosing the best material for any given task, part of the answer lies within logic, while part of the choice is also a subjective decision. The choice of valve plate material used to produce a thermoplastic plate is one…

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