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Guide to Selecting Poppet Valve Material

How To Choose The Correct Poppet Materials-KB Delta

A poppet valve, sometimes referred to as a mushroom valve, is a tapered plug valve typically found in engines and compressors to control the flow of intake gas and exhaust. This type of valve can also be used to control liquid flow such as in chemical batching or dosing applications. In the closed position, the…

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Be Better, Faster, Stronger With High-Quality Poppets

Guide To Selecting Poppet Valve Material-KB Delta

Poppet valves are often a preferred alternative to traditional compressor valves because they offer increased reliability and efficiency. To get the most benefit from this type of valve, you need to secure high-quality poppets. These parts are often made from very powerful and resilient materials, and some companies that supply them even have custom part-making…

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