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Be Better, Faster, Stronger With High-Quality Poppets

High-Quality Poppets | KB Delta

Poppet valves are often a preferred alternative to traditional compressor valves because they offer increased reliability and efficiency. To get the most benefit from this type of valve, you need to secure high-quality poppets. These parts are often made from very powerful and resilient materials, and some companies that supply them even have custom part-making services. With the proven performance of these valves, the high quality of materials and the customization possibilities available, there are bound to be poppets that are right for your application.


Reliability and Efficiency

Poppet valves are notoriously long-lasting and can outlast other types of valves by thousands of hours. The more long-lasting a component part is, the more lifetime value you can get out of it. This can be a huge cost-saver. In terms of performance, these valves are also very efficient and they outperform different valve types for power consumption and other factors.


Strong, Resistant Material

For industrial applications, material strength is a huge asset. Poppets are often constructed from thermoplastics, such as Peek and Nylon, which are both very resilient and can handle exposure to high heats and a number of chemicals. Peek, for example, is resistant to natural gas, carbon dioxide and carbonic acid, to name just a few. Peek and Nylon also have very high resistance to heat. The melting points for these materials are 649 degrees and 509 degrees, respectively. Here are some other benefits of quality thermoplastic parts:

  • Hydrogen and refrigerant-resistant
  • Able to stand up to lots of use
  • Better sealing abilities
  • Can be custom-made by a good company

High-quality poppets are a must for industrial applications that use compressors. They outperform traditional compressor valves in terms of performance, efficiency and total product life. When you choose a company that constructs each poppet from quality materials, you get added benefits of high resiliency and toughness. All in all, these parts are a cost-effective way to increase your company’s performance.



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