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Top Tips for Valve Plate Assembly

Top Tips for Valve Plate Assembly - KB Delta

How should you best maintain and utilize a valve plate assembly? It’s first helpful to take a look at what goes into its design and manufacturing standards. Read more below. Whatever manufacturing industry you are in, you are sure to be familiar with valve plates and their uses. However, when it comes to ensuring that…

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Why You Need a Dual Plate Check Valve for Natural Gas

Why You Need a Dual Plate Check Valve for Natural Gas-KB Delta

  Whether it’s for an offshore production platform, a natural gas pipeline, or an LNG plant, compressors are found and used throughout the gas and oil industry. By raising gas pressure, compressors are used to liquefy and transport gas from one process or location to another. In the past, these compressors have been driven mechanically…

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Which Type of Metal is Best For a Valve Plate?

Replacing Your Valve Plates-KB Delta

Compressors have so much movement, which causes friction. This friction causes heat to generate and build up, so choosing the right material to make your valve plate is of the utmost importance if you want it to last. Every unique application requires different properties, so for your application you may need one that others may…

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Improve the Longevity of Your Valve Plate

Valve Plate | KB Delta

The valve plate is a smooth disk composed of stainless steel. It must be tough and durable and similarly invulnerable to an excessive degree of temperature, strain and corrosion. Depending on its designated purpose, a valve plate is produced from metals such as: Cast iron Carbon steel Spheroidal graphite iron Spring steel Stainless steel Special…

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Everything You Need to Know About Damper Plates

Everything You Need To Know About Damper Plates-KB Delta

Damper plates are used in a number of different industries and are an essential component of machinery. The role of the damper plate in different types of machinery is somewhat similar, whether it is in a compressor or a motor. Both will also have major problems if the plate is not functioning as it should…

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How to Diagnose a Bad Valve Plate

Valve plates are essential components of an entire valve assembly. There different types of plates available that perform different functions. Plates can be used as valves themselves or to provide cushion, dampening or a spring effect. They are flat, relatively thin, rest on the valve seat and are secured with a center bolt to create…

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Standards are Important Benchmark of Quality Valve Plate Assembly

Whether designed to OEM standards or custom made for your unique needs, compressor valve plate assemblies are produced by many different companies in a variety of sizes and shapes, and all price ranges, too. But they all have one thing in common: Their purpose is to keep your business moving forward.   Manufacturing Standards Design…

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Pick a Quality Compressor Valve Plate for Your Project

If you are looking to manufacture compressor valve plates, speaking with an industry professional is a great way to work out the kinks in your project. Whether you are a part of the aviation, chemical or energy industry, speaking with a manufacturing representative can help you plan the perfect valve plate design for your needs.…

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The Most Unexpectedly Reliable Tools

  You might not understand exactly what parts make up your favorite tools, but you surely understand whether or not they are quality instruments. Some of the most well-known name-brand tools can be sources of shoddy handiwork, while other lesser known items are your go-to for reliability. If you own a compressor of any kind,…

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The Importance of Compressor Valve Plates

  A compressor depends in large measure on the reliability of its valves. Once a valve malfunctions, your compressor will decrease its function, waste energy and may even end up damaged. An important part of keeping valves in working order at all times is the regular inspection and replacement of compressor valve plates.   Stainless…

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