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The Importance of Compressor Valve Plates

Compressor Valve Plates | KBDelta


A compressor depends in large measure on the reliability of its valves. Once a valve malfunctions, your compressor will decrease its function, waste energy and may even end up damaged. An important part of keeping valves in working order at all times is the regular inspection and replacement of compressor valve plates.


Stainless Steel Is Best


Durability is an essential feature of a valve plate.  Quality plates should be made of high grade stainless steel for maximum endurance. Using high quality stainless steel will cut down on damage from wear and tear, including grinding down and cracking. This material is also resistant to damage from environmental factors including corrosion from exposure destructive elements such as water, acids, gasoline and air.


Ensure Precise Fit


Highly precise measurements are another requirement for compressor valve plates that will perform to their highest capacity. Imprecise fit is likely to increase wear and tear both to the plate and to other components that come into contact with it. A plate that does not quite fit will also lead to decreased valve function and eventual instability throughout the entire machine.


Knowledgeable manufacturers use advanced digital technology and software to ensure that all measurements are extremely accurate. Once the plans are generated, the best way to ensure that they are adhered to precisely is to use advanced cutting and shaping processes. Laser cutting systems typically yield the best results in terms of creating components that are true to blueprint. In addition, compressor valve plates must often be perfectly flat in order to provide optimum function; even a small amount of unevenness can result in damage to your compressor.


When you need replacement parts for your compressor, no detail is small enough to be safely overlooked. Select a reliable manufacturer that ensures maximum quality throughout each step of the process, from custom design to plate finishing. Avoid unnecessary damage and delays by choosing the best compressor valve plates for your system.



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