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Pick a Quality Compressor Valve Plate for Your Project

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If you are looking to manufacture compressor valve plates, speaking with an industry professional is a great way to work out the kinks in your project. Whether you are a part of the aviation, chemical or energy industry, speaking with a manufacturing representative can help you plan the perfect valve plate design for your needs. You must consider which materials, cuts, finishes and sizes will work best for a compressor valve that will be both the most cost effective and efficient.


Design a High Performing Compressor Valve Plate

An exceptionally operating compressor valve plate typically has the following characteristics:

  • Made from steel – A valve plate forged from steel is stronger than products created from other materials.
  • Coated with a high quality finish – Though often not considered by people exploring their options, the final coating on a product can drastically affect performance.
  • Laser cut – Products forged with a high precision laser tend to fit more accurately in your machine

Abrasive chemicals, harsh atmospheric conditions and high temperatures all work to corrode the inner parts of a machine, gradually decreasing its performance. Creating a high quality component can prevent costly repairs in the future, and prevent the loss of profit that typically occurs when a machine malfunctions.


Protect Your Design With a Warranty

The large demand for compressor valve plates has pushed manufacturers to make production methods more cost effective, and giving consumers more options to work with within their budget. Better yet, most companies offer warranties on their products. Choosing to take advantage of a warranty will protect your purchase for usually about one year. A warranty guarantees that your part will be replaced efficiently and free of charge in case it ever breaks down as a result of a manufacturing error.  Mishaps happen frequently in every industry; ensure that your operation will not suffer a delay on a bad day.


Discuss Your Goals With a Professional

Choosing a company that is willing to go the extra mile to meet and your design specifications can be very beneficial. Production methods and materials are quickly evolving, and chances are you are not updated about the latest advances in compressor valve plates. A professional from a quality company should be willing to discuss in detail about the different ways you can manufacture your plate, hopefully informing you about how to improve the function and profitability of your own products.


Through 3-D modelling and advanced testing techniques, professionals understand how to design a brand new compressor valve plate that has never been introduced in the market, yet still stands a good chance of being extremely high-functioning. The potential to increase your company’s profits while lowering production costs are great if you take the time to collaborate with a manufacturer that has your best interests in mind.

There are many things to consider when designing compressor valve plates. From the materials used to warranty and installation options, having to bear the brunt of the work yourself is almost impossible to do. Collaborate with a manufacturing representative to learn more about your industry and create the best product possible.




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