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Spring Into Optimal Function With Coil Springs

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Coil springs are everywhere. You may not see them, but they are an integrative component to many household and industrial machines. Whether you are seeking coil springs for compressor valves or a thousand other uses, there are some basic points to keep in mind about how springs work in order for them to maintain optimal function.


Combatting Stresses


There are a variety of factors that can place wear and tear on a coil spring. Here are the most common.


  • Corrosion weakens springs due to environmental factors such as temperature and humidity.
  • Knowing the spring’s fatigue limits is essential for securing the correct product for the job.
  • Having and understanding of the likely lifespan of types of springs is necessary to match the right spring to the job.


Hot Springs, Cold Springs


Temperature affects all substances, and metal is no exception. Having an understanding of the environment in which your springs will operate will help you choose the optimal surface treatment for the job. Metals expand and contract in temperature fluctuations, and the dynamics of the change in heat must be accounted for. Heat and humidity band together to change the state of almost all materials over time. For this reason, determining the appropriate surface treatment for the coil is almost as important as calculating the necessary size.


Flat Wire Springs


Flat wire springs function just like round wire springs, only with a higher load capacity. The shape is more difficult to manufacture, but the extra mile pays off. Due to the flat wire’s larger surface area, force of impact can be distributed over a larger surface area, which aids in preventing coil damage and slowing down natural wear and tear. The same feature that allows them to handle more force also enables them to store more energy, giving them more “spring.”


With the right professional guidance, you can easily find the coil spring that is most appropriate for your job.



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