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A Few Facts About Tension Springs

Tension Springs | KB Delta


Springs are the backbone of most machinery and they are valued for their durability, movement and consistency. In many processes, springs need to work constantly and flawlessly to perform thousands or millions of small operations without wearing out. It is no wonder that those who work in the manufacturing field select springs for their machines with care.


Types of Springs

Tension springs are distinct from other types of springs because they tend to be tighter. They usually have to be pulled with a significant amount of force and often snap back firmly into place. Tension springs are distinct from compression springs which are looser and have more “spring” to them. Tension springs are often connected to a screw or a hook and are used to suspend items, like trampolines. They are also made of strong, firm materials. Tension springs are used in robotics and for garage doors.

Tension Spring Materials

Tension springs are different from compression springs, but they can be made out of the same materials. Popular materials for making spring include:

  • Copper
  • Titanium
  • Steel
  • Bainite hardened strip

Of these materials, steel is the most durable for spring productions, and there are various types used: stainless steel, cold rolled alloy steel and hardenable spring steel. The type of material used depends on what the spring is being used for.


What to Look for in a Tension Spring

Before a tension spring is sold, it is tested for its various features. Spring sellers should list features for the spring, which include seat pressure, lifts and coil bind height. These tests are made with a cramshaft and determine various properties of the springs. Sellers should put springs through analog or digital testing to see how well they will perform under operating conditions. When buying a tension valve, it is important to ensure it has been thoroughly tested so you can feel confident it will make your valves work effectively.




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