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3 Advantages of Compression Flat Wire Springs

Compression Flat Wire Springs | KB Delta

There is a large variety of compression springs to choose from with diverse designs and materials that handle demanding jobs. However, compression flat wire springs have a number of advantages and features that make them unique and in demand. Compression flat wire springs have rectangular wires across the cross-section, and this section is larger than in round wire compression springs. The rectangular design and larger space have some benefits.


  1. Flat Wire Springs Are More ‘Springy’

The design packs more energy than round wire and gives more bounce power. These kinds of springs are known for their efficiency, since they are able to store a large amount of energy in a relatively small space.


  1. Flat Wire Springs Are More Rugged

The larger area provided by these springs can distribute impact more evenly and reduce wear and tear. The smaller the space, the more the weight wears down a spring, and the sooner it needs to be replaced. Compression flat wire springs have a longer life than round wire varieties and do not require frequent replacements.


  1. Compression Flat Wire Springs Are More Efficient

Round wire compression springs are not able to handle as much rapid opening and closing action as flat wire springs, which are shown to have a lower failure rate. In addition, the design makes flat wire springs more resistant to friction and buckling.

You can find flat wire compression springs in shock absorbers, switches and ballpoint pens. Consider purchasing new or replacement springs in a variety of materials, including:

  • Titanium
  • Steel
  • Brass
  • Copper

Brass is a popular choice for these springs, because brass springs are less expensive, but in the long run, they may involve higher costs because they need to be replaced often. Stainless or high carbon steel is a preference for people who want a compression spring that is durable and efficient and available at a reasonable price.




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