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Gasket Kit | KB Delta

Choosing the Right Compressor Gasket Kits

By admin | Dec 16, 2015

    Gaskets are a fundamental piece of any compressor. They keep everything sealed and ready to work. Having the right gaskets is crucial within a compressor because, without them, various parts can rub together, creating friction that can result in damage. Choosing the right gasket kit for your compressor…

Guide To Selecting Poppet Valve Material-KB Delta

Be Better, Faster, Stronger With High-Quality Poppets

By admin | Dec 7, 2015

Poppet valves are often a preferred alternative to traditional compressor valves because they offer increased reliability and efficiency. To get the most benefit from this type of valve, you need to secure high-quality poppets. These parts are often made from very powerful and resilient materials, and some companies that supply…

The Different PET Compressors

By admin | Nov 24, 2015

Many bottles today are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Compressors are used to blow the plastic into a bottle shape. Because there are many different PET bottles used for many different products, there are various outcomes that people in the PET industry are looking for. This variety in outcomes means…

Choose The Right Material For Your Spring-KB Delta

What Spring Material Is Right for Your Compressor?

By admin | Nov 19, 2015

  In machines, springs can play a variety of roles. They can store and release energy, absorb shock or maintain force between two surfaces. The role of the spring and the environment that it is in will help you determine what material your spring should be made out of. Here…

Flat Wire Springs |

Rewards for Choosing a Flat Wire Spring

By admin | Nov 11, 2015

  Even though a wire spring seems like a small component for your compressor to function correctly and efficiently, installing the correct wire spring is crucial for the utmost performance capabilities. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right spring, however, one of…

What Are PTFE Lantern Rings?

By admin | Nov 9, 2015

There are a lot of small parts in compressors, and other machinery, that can be hard to understand. PTFE lantern rings are one of those things that you might not know what they are or what their role is.   The Rings   Polytetraflueroethylene (PTFE) is a synthetic material that…

Choose The Right Material For Your Spring-KB Delta

Choose the Right Material for Your Spring

By admin | Nov 3, 2015

From writing pens to wristwatches, springs are everywhere. There’s even that popular toy that is nothing but a big spring. Types of springs are almost as varied as their uses. The same is true of materials that springs are made of. If you’re in the market for springs, choose the…

Flat vs. Round Wire Forms

By admin | Oct 29, 2015

  Flat vs. Round Wire Forms To you, the wire forms on your compressor are simply components that benefit the system’s operational efficiency. They certainly do not look like much, which may lead you to incorrectly believe that not much goes into their manufacture and design. Yet on the contrary,…

3 Characteristics of Quality Valve Plate Assembly Part Manufacturers

By admin | Oct 14, 2015

  If your company relies on compressors for your production, you know how much the valve plates take on a significant amount of wear. These plates help to create the seal needed for the compressor to function properly. When your original valve plates wear out, you want to purchase replacement…

Rewards for Choosing a Flat Wire Spring-KB Delta

Why Flat Wire Springs are Important

By admin | Oct 6, 2015

    Springs are an important part of nearly any piece of equipment, including compressors. Whether you are repairing an old unit or refurbishing a new one, you are going to need at least a few springs. Flat wire springs are an important part that can make all the difference…

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