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Parts of Steel: Why Metal Valve Components are Better

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Manufacturing internal parts for compressor valves is a painstaking and highly specialized industry. As in every professional field, developments in design and materials bring on changes in even the seemingly smallest of parts. Take wafer plates, for example. Technological advances have led to sophisticated silicone valve parts, including wafer plates, which are an integral component of forming a circuit. However, while advanced plastics and other sophisticated materials have certainly expanded our capabilities, metal wafer plates have distinct advantages.


Safety Considerations

Stress-free steel wafer plates and other compressor valve parts, when cut and shaped by lasers and finished and flattened using careful and sophisticated methods, offer a higher degree of safe operation than parts made of other materials. Steel wafer plates are safer because:

  • They prevent static electricity, which can cause sparks and even fires in flammable or explosive environments.
  • Metal wafer plates are safe to install, even in a potentially flammable environment.
  • Steel parts withstand the highest pressure well and meet global safety standards.
  • Steel wafer plates can hold the valve together and prevent destruction in the case of fire.


Longer Machine Life

Well-made steel compressor valve parts, including metal wafer plates, help increase the overall lifespan of the machine in several ways.

  • Steel wafer plates and other parts improve the seal and maintain it, even under difficult conditions.
  • Metal parts provide better precision in the overall alignment of specific internal points, and this reduces break-away torque and makes for a longer life for the valve, which in turn makes the overall machine more efficient.
  • Advanced steel wafer plates and other parts have better corrosion resistance and higher ductility than other materials.


Better Overall Performance

High-quality steel compressor parts are an excellent choice, both for the present and for the future, too. Steel wafer plates, for example, provide a stronger, tighter, more lasting quality seal than parts from other materials. Steel parts, when carefully manufactured using advanced, precise techniques, are long-lasting, strong and made with an eye toward the future.



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