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Find a Quality Conical Compression Spring for Your Project

Conical Compression Spring | KB Delta


A conical compression spring typically withstands more pressure than a standard spring because of its innovative design. A cone shaped compression spring has a wide base that tapers to a smaller top. This shape allows it to keep going while more traditional springs buckle and break. Replacing your outdated springs with a newer model can make your machines work more efficiency. There are several factors to consider when searching for the right conical compression springs for your project.


Depend on a Reliable Manufacturer


The benefits of turning to an experienced company are many; a manufacturer that has been in the business for a long time can provide you with expert advice on different models of springs. Companies generally test their products to ensure that they work properly and are appropriate for their customers’ projects, which often push the boundaries of engineering in an effort to build something that can streamline costs and efficiency. Depending on a seasoned manufacturer with a good reputation acts as an unspoken guarantee along with a standard limited warranty available for many products.


A reliable spring manufacturer can present you with a variety of product options. Conical compression springs come with many different features that affect the way that the spring functions. Consider these characteristics when making your decision:

  • Material Type – Springs can be made from zinc, gold, stainless steel, spring steel, bronze, black oxide and more.
  • Size – You should know the height, diameter, and number of coils you desire in your spring – a wrong measurement could cause problems in the installation and operation of your machine.
  • Stock Versus Customized – You can design and build an innovative new spring for your project, but it will most likely cost more. Consult with a professional to determine the costs and benefits of your desired spring; perhaps a stock product can serve you just as well for less cost.


Understand Your Industry


Conical compression springs are found in almost every industry. They are used in sophisticated airplanes, production machines and home appliances. The purpose of your springs, whether you need many or just one, expected lifespan of your operation (will your machines drive the company forward, or is it just a one-time project?) are important factors to consider when shopping for your springs.


A company representative with your best interests in mind will most likely ask you similar questions to guide you in the right direction. They might offer extra installation and maintenance services that can further your peace-of-mind by taking some of the responsibility off your shoulders. While you might be an expert in your industry, most likely you are not a conical compression spring whiz; collaborate with the experts and you just might learn something new in the process.


Conical compression springs are one of the most common type of springs. Along with hourglass and barrel-shaped springs, they are available in many different styles. Choosing the model perfect for your needs requires an understanding of engineering disciplines and a thorough plan for your operation. Reduce the possibility of future malfunctions and profit loss by taking the time to find a spring that will not fail.



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