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Replacing Your Valve Plates

Valve Plates | KB Delta

Valve plates


are an important compressor part. Plates ensure that a proper seal is achieved for your compressor valves. Without a good seal, air or liquids will leak, lowering your compressor’s function and causing damage to the entire system. For this reason, an essential part of your compressor maintenance routine is the inspection and replacement of plates that show even slight wear or cracking.



Plate Materials


Depending on their specific function, plates can be made of metal or thermoplastics. When durability is essential and the valve plate will be exposed to liquids, corrosive water or excessive pressure, a high quality metal such as 410 grade stainless steel is an excellent option. To ensure that the metal plates fit properly, experienced manufacturers use advanced laser cutting systems to ensure that all metal parts adhere to the plan.

Thermoplastics | KB Delta

Valve plates made from thermoplastics, on the other hand, offer a flexibility that metal lacks. The adaptable form of thermoplastic plates helps them mold closely to the valve seat and create an extremely tight seal. Most thermoplastic plates are manufactured via injection molding. Typically, a valve is made with nylon or PEEK material and a carbon or glass filling. These materials can also resist extreme temperatures and offer increased elasticity that allows the plate to resist pressure or torque.



High Quality Plates Help You Avoid Damage and Expense


Consult your manufacturer to decide on the best type of material for your plates. Qualified compressor parts makers will be able to help you come up with the best choice and will also create a custom design that ensures that all your compressor parts are made to your specifications and will fit optimally. If your compressor is slowing down, inspecting it and replacing worn down or suboptimal parts can keep it working longer and better, at far less cost and disruption than replacing the entire system. Regular maintenance can also help you avoid excessive damage by catching problems with valve plates early on before they affect the rest of the compressor.



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