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A Complete List of Compressor Valve Parts

Compressor Valve Parts | KB Delta

Let’s look at the set-up of the valve. You will find that it is made up of several components made by either steel or plastic and brought together to make up the finished valve. The valves purpose is to work by releasing or sucking in the material required from the compressor. The compressor valve allows the device to function as effectively as possible given its potentials. Without the valve, the compressor would not work. Let’s take a closer look at the many compressor valve parts that make up a valve.


Valve Parts and Peripheral Parts

The parts vital to any compressor valve are the internal valve parts and peripheral parts. These parts are the foundation of the valve. If the valve has failed to work, more than likely it’s one part that isn’t functioning. In every valve, there are various parts that could require replacing at any one point. It is necessary to the accurate function of the compressor valve that you use quality parts throughout. So, what parts would you require to replace throughout the life span of the compressor valve? Depending on the make and model of your compressor, you would expect to come across several of these compressor valve parts in your valve:

  • gaskets
  • o-rings
  • guide pins
  • strings
  • guide rings
  • spring plates
  • lock nuts
  • lift washers
  • centre bolt/studs

But what about the peripheral parts? These can be simple to overlook when dealing with a quick repair. Not replacing the peripheral parts during your rebuild or repair will result in a failure, because of the vulnerability that has built up, or by using valve parts constructed of an inferior quality. The peripheral parts in the valve could include the following:

  • locknuts
  • centre bolt/studs
  • guide pins
  • lift washers
  • springs
  • spring plates
  • guide rings
  • o-rings
  • gaskets


Metallic Compressor Valve Parts

Metallic compressor valve parts are made with precision engineering. Every part is cut using laser technology to produce the most accurate size and thickness recommended for the valve parts. Being composed of quality steel components, the compressor valve parts produced are superior in how they perform. Using the highest grade 410 and 420 stainless steel to produce the parts ensures the performance and stability of the product once it’s manufactured, along with laser profiling equipment to produce stress-free valve components.


So, what compressor valve parts would be produced by using stainless steel?

The essential parts that would be produced of stainless steel are:


Thermoplastic Compressor Valve Parts

Thermoplastic compressor valve parts are produced by using an injection moulding machine. This process involves using high quality plastic pellets or beads that are heated and moulded to the shape and size required for the valve parts. This process performs an accurately finished copy of the product. Using the injection moulding system allows the valve part to be customised by thickness or size. So, what valve parts could be produced by this system?

There are many thermoplastic parts contained in the valve that are produced by running this system, including the following parts:

  • ported plates
  • radius rings
  • buttons/nubs
  • bullets
  • poppets


Compression Springs

Compression springs are likewise an essential component of your valve replacement. Customizing the springs is a means of identifying the most suitable quality material for the job the spring will be performing. Using the suitable material guarantees the effectiveness of your spring in performing its duty within the valve. The below materials are most suited for compressor springs:

  • Inconel 718
  • Nimonic 90
  • MP35N
  • Titanium (Grade 5)
  • Music Wire
  • Stainless Steel
  • Beryllium Copper
  • Music Wire
  • Inconel
  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Eligiloy, MP35
  • Inconel X-750
  • Hastelloy C-276
  • Phynox (Elgiloy)
  • Chrome Silicon


Using these materials within a thickness range of between 0.0005” to 0.120” guarantees the highest quality spring can be manufactured to a quality specification. Customizing these springs will involve measuring your existing spring to produce a perfect copy of the part. Thus, making your customized spring a fundamental part for the effectiveness of the valves performance.


Repairing Your Compressor Valve

By repairing your compressor valve as and when needed will extend the benefits of your compressor. It reduces overall maintenance costs in the long run by increasing the reliability of the valve. Repairing the valve when required eliminates long term issues that will force you to frequently clean and service your valve to maintain an optimum condition.


Using Quality Parts for your Valve Repair

Using quality compressor valve parts is a no brainer when it comes to the repair of your compressor valve. The process of using the highest grade stainless steel for manufacturing the components will in effect increase the durability and longevity of your valve. If for whatever reason you source cheap parts for your valve repair, then it cannot be guaranteed that your valve will perform at its optimum potential.


Compressor Valve Repair Kit

Compressor Valve Repair Kit | KB Delta

Using a complete valve repair kit will save you time and money if you are uncertain of what the problem is with your compressor valve. In the repair kit, you will have all the components required to carry out an entire change of the valve.

The most apparent reason for requiring a complete valve repair is a complete breakdown of the valve. Although you can purchase individual parts for the valve, the smartest solution to an effective job would be to purchase the complete kit for your repair. This is where you have alternatives, you can opt for a pre-built repair kit, or you can customize your kit to perform more effectively with immediately effective results.


Customizing your Compressor Valve Repair Kit

Now you’ve settled on the complete kit, how can you customize it to match your particular needs? You have the choice to custom build your valve repair kit to the specifications you require for the rebuild. If, for instance, your compressor valve is no longer available to purchase anywhere, you can measure the size of your plates and springs to produce an accurate copy of the part you require to source. By utilizing this method, your old compressor won’t be obsolete and you can continue to use your product for as long as you can source the parts.


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