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How To Choose The Best Valve Parts

When searching for excellent quality compressor valve parts it’s best to look for components that you know are sufficient for the machine you are operating, and that they are also of high quality. By finding a quality and reliable parts manufacturer you will save yourself time and money in the long run. The parts they produce should be everything you are searching for, from plates to rings and springs. Having the option of metal and thermoplastic parts will give you every possibility to choose parts that satisfy your budget and your product specifications.

Valve parts are produced in all forms and dimensions, so identifying the exact component for your machine needs a bit of investigating. When you open your compressor to remove the parts, you will recognize the entire valve which separates into several components. The valve itself, which can be replaced as an entire kit or as individual components, is the fundamental element that helps your machine to function correctly.


Valve Peripherals

Valve Parts | KB Delta


The compressor has a various number of valve parts to keep it running in effective order, from metal and thermoplastic plates to valve peripherals. All valve components and peripherals have their individual purpose within the compressor by controlling noise, vibrations and operating under extreme conditions. A few parts and peripherals available from a good valve parts manufacturer are:

  • Valve Plates
  • Valve Rings
  • Wafer Plates
  • Damping and Cushion Plates
  • Spring Plates
  • Locknuts
  • Centre bolts
  • Studs
  • And many more parts and peripherals to supplement the internal structure of the compressor valve

Having a compressor in perfect running order depends on all these components moving in an effective running order at all times. If you notice inconsistencies in your machine i.e. noise fluctuations, liquid discharge or heat damage, then an examination will need to be carried out to determine what component is causing the problem and how you can fix it. Fixing the problem becomes clearer over time if you are familiar with your machine, its valve components and peripherals inside and out. By performing a routine maintenance schedule your machine will improve from remaining in maximum condition without spending all of your budget.


Valve Plates


Valve Plates | KB Delta

Valve plates can tolerate high degrees of temperature, but will reduce their performance through time and need replacing. Stainless steel valve plates are produced by using precision laser cutting equipment to insure the valve plate is cut to a precise measurement. The valve plates can be made by using stainless steel or thermoplastic. The selection is carried out by determining which material is most suited to your budget and the requirements of the machine you are running.


Valve Rings


Valve Rings | KB Delta

Valve rings are a significant part of the compressor valve as they stop the air from escaping by working together with the cylinder and the cylinder block. Having many functions, the valve ring will maintain a harmonious connection between the valve components to keep them operating effectively. The primary functions of the valve rings are:

  • Sealing – the valve rings stop compressed gases from escaping
  • Transfer of Heat – by allowing controlled heat to pass from one part to another
  • Strong Seal – the valve ring has the strength to create a seal when the valve is in place
  • Resistance to Wear and Tear – the valve ring resists high levels of heat and excessive loads


Wafer Plates


Wafer Plate | KB Delta

The wafer plates are a necessary component of the compressor valve. This integral part of the valve consists of two discs that are spring loaded and rotate at a rapid speed to control the quantity of fluid going in and out of the valve. As all components within the valve, the suitable material needs to be used with relation to the fluid being applied in the machine. The precision cutting technique applied to manufacture this part gives it a quality that will keep your machine running at its optimum for as long as possible.


Damping Plates


Damping Plate | KB Delta

Damping and cushion plates are used to absorb the loud noises and vibrations that are associated with the compressor valve part. If the damping and cushion plates weren’t used, the noise of the valve would be so deafening, it would be heard a few streets away. These plates cushion the additional components in the valve from the vibrations by preventing them from pounding together and damaging each other.


Spring Plates


Spring plate | KB Delta

Spring plates can be used as an alternative to conventional loose springs to provide better stability inside the valve. The spring plate allows gases to flow in or out of the compressor valve, depending on what machine you are using. By separating other plates in the valve, the spring plate prevents damage occurring within the valve and so contributes to efficient functionality.





Locknuts | KB Delta

Locknuts are produced from excellent quality metallic or thermoplastic materials. The purpose of the locknut is to lock the nut in place without loosening – even under extreme pressure – and secure the plates together while under extreme stress from rotation. Preventing leaks and corrosion is a significant function for the locknut by providing a secure seal for the valve part intending to be used.

As well as the above parts and peripherals mentioned, your supplier should be able to supply you with the following parts, among other valve parts in a selection of metallic and thermoplastic materials.

  • guide pins
  • centre bolts
  • studs
  • washers
  • O-rings
  • gaskets

So how can you identify a company that produces the best parts for your machine?


Research the Valve Parts Manufacturer  

Valve Parts Manufacturer | KB Delta

Researching the company will provide you with many of the answers you have about the valve parts manufacturer. Whether they use quality materials and can produce products of any diameter and dimension to fit your specifications, would be at the top of your list. A multitude of products being accessible for your individual requirements would assure you could pick up every part you would need from the same manufacturer.


Sample Products

If feasible, you should ask to sample your intended manufacturers products to establish the quality and accuracy of their workmanship. Most valve parts manufacturers would be pleased to send you a specimen of their product.


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