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Common Compressor Valve Parts

Compressor Valve Parts | KB Delta


Each compressor valve can be unique. In fact, many are custom built to meet the demands of the company or manufacturer in need. When important industrial processes are occurring, you can’t trust any cookie-cutter design, but what’s in a compressor valve?


Valve Disc


The valve disc will usually come up first, because they are generally the driving force in your compressor valve. The valve disc is frequently customized to meet the unique shape of a given compressor. These discs can be made from either metal or thermoplastics. Both materials have their pros and cons, but you’ll probably notice many professionals are choosing thermoplastics because they are damage and debris resistant.


Dampening Disk


Flutter is a major culprit behind compressor valve malfunction and the dampening disc serves to mitigate the adverse affects of flutter. The dampening disc serves to absorb most of the impact involved so the valve disc can continue functioning properly. It doesn’t provide a seal, but it is heat treated to make it stronger. These can be spring-loaded or simply float under the valve disc, depending on the disc of the compressor in use.


Nuts, Bolts & Springs


Of course, you’ll need nuts, bolts and sometimes springs to complete your compressor valve. While note all dampening disks are spring-loaded, you may still find springs throughout the design of your compressor. Naturally, you may want to find nuts, bolts and springs that have been treated to withstand the intense heat, pressure and forces typically involved with compressor valves.


While this overview should give you a good idea about the components of a compressor valve, keep in mind that each valve is different and was likely made for a different purpose. You may find the valve you need is more or less complicated with different or added parts. As long as your valve gets the job done, that’s all that matters!


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