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Different Wire Forms and Their Roles

Wire Forms | KB Delta

Wire forms come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and each play different roles in tools such as air compressors. But what exactly is a wire form, and what role does each different wire form preform? Here is a breakdown to help you understand what a wire form is, as well as many other…

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Where to Find Compression Springs

Compression Springs | KB Delta

Where Can You Find Compression Springs?   Everyone has heard the expression that someone has a spring in their step, indicating that they are lively and ready to take on whatever life has in store for them. If the springs in your devices need improved vitality or replacements, it is a good idea to do…

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Benefits of Flat Wire Springs

Benefits Of Flat Wire Springs-KB Delta

You don’t have to look very deeply into your air compressor unit to realize that springs are the life of your device. Springs receive an enormous amount of pressure and have to function perfectly thousands or millions of times a day to execute efficient production. Springs, whether round or flat wire springs, are therefore vulnerable…

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Advantages of Customized Wire Forms

  Any compressor is only as strong as its parts. The failure of any component can lead to impaired function, decreased safety and damage to the entire machine. Inspecting and replacing parts at the first sign of cracking or wear is the best practice in maintaining your compressor. Wire forms can be an overlooked yet…

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Flat vs. Round Wire Forms

  Flat vs. Round Wire Forms To you, the wire forms on your compressor are simply components that benefit the system’s operational efficiency. They certainly do not look like much, which may lead you to incorrectly believe that not much goes into their manufacture and design. Yet on the contrary, a number of different factors…

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