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Advantages of Customized Wire Forms

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Any compressor is only as strong as its parts. The failure of any component can lead to impaired function, decreased safety and damage to the entire machine. Inspecting and replacing parts at the first sign of cracking or wear is the best practice in maintaining your compressor. Wire forms can be an overlooked yet crucial component, so make sure that your upkeep routine includes checking the wire forms for damage or decreased function.


Necessary Qualities


Similar to springs, wire forms used in compressors should have a high degree of tensile strength. They may also need features such as heat resistance or imperviousness to sharp temperature fluctuations.


Unlike springs, wire forms consist of a wire that is not coiled. The specific shape and length of the wire needed is determined by its specific function. The best way to obtain a wire form that performs to top capacity is to have it custom designed and made. Pre-manufactured forms may not fit perfectly, or may lack the properties that are necessary to optimal functioning. A bad fit or a lack of tensile strength can result in component failure and severe damage to the entire mechanism.


Let the Function Dictate the Form


Look for a manufacturer that offers start-to-finish customization of all aspects of the wire form, including precise sizing, shape and materials. When choosing shapes, keep in mind both the intended function of the form and optimal design for dynamics and resistance to stress.


Materials and Treatments


Wire for the forms is typically made from materials such as stainless steel, as well as alloys. Depending on the wire’s function, it may also require additional treatment, including electropolish, heat resistance, plastic coating and metal plating. Consult your supplier’s specialists to get a better idea of which type of finishing is optimal for your wire forms.


When choosing your wire forms supplier, look for top quality as well as variety of services and a high degree of available customization. Forms that are precisely measured and cut to your specifications will last longer and function better.





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