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Depend on Compressor Gasket Kits for Your Repairs

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A compressor valve’s gasket is responsible for sealing two different surfaces and preventing leaks. Purchasing a quality repair kit that has everything you need in case of a breakdown is a prudent decision that can get your operation working again during an emergency. Gasket kits can be customized to include parts by any major manufacturer to suit a compressor valve for any industry.


Save Time and Money With Overnight Delivery


If you are in the middle of a repair, consider purchasing a kit with all the necessary parts that can be delivered to you in one day. This can save you the hassle of shopping for individual parts, and might even be more affordable. Find a company that has pre-made gasket kits ready for sale. Getting everything that you need so quickly is crucial in repairing your leak efficiently and preventing damage.


Keep in mind that there are different types of gaskets. Common gasket types in repair kits include:

Compressor Gasket Kits | KB Delta

  • O-Rings – made from pliable material perfect for sealing pipe and tube leaks
  • Guide Rings – necessary for hydraulic cylinders to absorb grating between the piston and the piston rod
  • Flange Gaskets – available in rubber, non-asbestos material and graphite depending on your pipe


If you find that the gasket leak is only the beginning of a problem, do not worry: there are repair kits available for springs, plates and bolts as well. These valve kits can be customized for almost any machine; simply call a reputable company to get started on your maintenance package.


Protect Your Purchase With Special Offers


Although you might be in a hurry to receive your kit, taking the time to consider some special features might be beneficial in the long run. While most compressor valves operate for over ten years with no malfunctions, protecting your purchase with a warranty can still give you peace of mind if you desire it.

A quality limited warranty plan can protect your purchase for up to one year by guaranteeing that your repair kit will arrive free of defects.


If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you can also take advantage of a performance guarantee. This guarantee gives customers a window, usually between one and two weeks, during which they can return their repair kit for a full refund, no questions asked, as long as their purchase is in its original packaging.


There is always the potential of making a mistake and purchasing the wrong component for your needs. A company knowledgeable about the ins and outs of your industry and with a history of engineering and testing experience is more qualified to guide you in the right direction when you are customizing your repair kit.


Optimize Your Compressor Valve


A dysfunctional gasket can shorten the lifespan and efficiency of a compressor valve. Compressor valves are found in virtually every industry, from aviation to pharmaceutical engineering to automobile manufacturing. Sleeker models are constantly being developed, and depending on the original model of your gasket may be crippling its value in the long run. Speaking with an industry expert can take your operation to the next level.


Gasket kits which include the highest-quality gasket possible along with the tools you need to install it and keep up with maintenance are quickly becoming an industry norm. Prepare for the unexpected by purchasing a comprehensive gasket repair kit at a competitive price.

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