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What Valve Spring Manufacturers Want You to Know

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A central component to many household and industrial machines, valve springs are all around us. If you are in the market for valve springs for a compressor, or looking into valve spring manufacturers for any other reason, there are some basic spring facts to keep in mind to help you choose the right product for the job.


How Stress Affects Springs

A myriad of factors place wear and tear on valve springs, but here are some of the most common.

  • Environmental factors such as temperature and humidity causes corrosion, which can weaken springs.
  • Each spring has a fatigue limit,which is essential to know to secure the appropriate part for the job.
  • Valve springs, like all other springs, have lifespans that must be considered before purchasing.



Every substance is affected by temperature, even if those changes are invisible to the naked eye. By understanding the environment in which your valve springs will operate, you will be able to decide which surface treatment best suits your needs. Metals expand and contract in heat fluctuations, and these dynamics must be accounted for in mechanic calculations. Heat and humidity together can wear down almost anything over time. Determining the appropriate surface treatment for the coil is as important as determining size and weight.


Other Valve Spring Options

Aside from the typical round wire springs, flat wire springs offer the same functionality with an even higher load capacity. The flat wire’s larger surface area allows the force of impact to be distributed more evenly, which helps to preventing coil damage and slows down natural wear and tear. By shouldering more weight over a larger space, the spring can have a longer life.

With the right professional guidance, you will be able to find the appropriate springs for the job at hand. Valve spring manufacturers can assist you in determining what products are right for you.



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