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The Beauty of Thermoplastic Compressor Rings

Thermoplastic Compressor Rings | KB Delta

Manufacturing high-quality compressor components is both an art and a science. Compressor rings are integral parts for any compressor. Metal rings have a long history, but advances have been made in developing other strong, durable materials that can withstand harsh operating conditions. Modern thermoplastics offer an attractive alternative to metal rings, and in the long run, they may even be better.

Thermoplastic Basics

A thermoplastic is an advanced polymer material that becomes pliable or moldable above a certain temperature and that becomes solid when cooled. There are many specific types of thermoplastics that serve a vast array of purposes, with one of the most popular being durable internal valve components.


A Better Compressor Ring

Thermoplastic compressor rings have specific advantages over metal parts. While metal rings have a long track record, they also have distinct disadvantages. Metal parts can become corroded or pitted, which makes them prone to fracture. If a metal ring fractures, it can damage the compressor. Most importantly for compressor rings, however, is the fact that metal parts also are prone to scratches, which can make them lose their seals over time.

Even with only normal wear and tear, metal rings can lose their seals over the life of the valve. Thermoplastic compression rings, however, will actually conform more closely to a specific valve over time, thus strengthening the seal, due to their flexibility.


Customized Technology

Compressor components are generally made out of four types of thermoplastics: Nylon, MT, PEEK (which is glass-filled) and Carbon-PEEK (which is carbon-filled). Each material has specific advantages for certain conditions and applications.

When you buy compressor rings made from thermoplastics directly from the manufacturer, you are able to specify exact measurements and requirements so that the compressor rings that you get are designed for your individual needs. In fact, custom-made thermoplastic compressor rings may even reduce compressor power consumption, giving you the best performance possible.



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