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Spring to the Next Level

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It is hard to think of any machinery that does not use some variety of spring. For complex mechanisms such as compressors, many types of springs are used throughout. Broken or worn springs can cause improper balance, slower performance and impeded function. To keep your compressor functioning at its peak, regular maintenance checks are a must, along with prompt replacement of any parts that show wear, cracks or deformation. Choosing high-quality replacement springs from a reputable compressor parts manufacturer is the best way to avoid expensive problems further in the future.


Spring Materials


The material, shape and size of a spring can vary greatly depending on its specific function. Some compressor springs need to be extremely heat resistant, while others must bear up under high pressure. Consult your manufacturer as to the best material for your spring. In addition to materials like stainless steel, chrome silicon, music wire and phosphor bronze, today’s market offers patented alloys designed to improve performance.


Customize for Best Results


Springs can also come in a range of sizes and thicknesses. For best results, look for a manufacturer that offers customized design and precision cutting techniques. Springs that have been manufactured specifically to your specifications will perform better and longer than pre-made springs. A reliable manufacturer will ensure that your springs give you the function you needs by calculating, simulating and prototype testing before delivering the final product.


Shape can be another factor in spring performance. For your application, you may prefer conical springs to cylindrical. There are also difficult to form shapes such as flat wire springs that can improve efficiency and save space, if properly made.




For some applications, your springs will need additional treatment after they are formed. Frequently, the manufacturer of the springs will also heat treat, magnetize, paint and plate. Choose your services based on the type of function you need from your springs.


A knowledgeable and conscientious spring manufacturer will be able to provide you with a variety of shapes, sizes and materials so as to ensure optimal function. Regularly inspecting and replacing compressor springs can go a long way towards improving performance and longevity.



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