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What to Do When Your Valve Compressor Needs Replacing

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A malfunctioning valve compressor can be difficult to diagnose. Signs of breakdown, such as high suction pressure and low discharge pressure, can be subtle. Even these factors may still remain within a normal range, while still resulting in a significant drop in system capacity, raising the temperature of your reciprocating compressor by up to ten degrees.


There are two primary reasons your valve compressor may be failing. It is typically either due to worn compressor rings, or more commonly, a leaky valve compressor. Because the symptoms, the resulting drop in working power and the final solution are essentially the same regardless of the origin of the problem, it is not necessary to test further to determine the exact part at fault. In both of these situations, you will need to replace your valve compressor.


Before You Replace Your Compressor



Unless your compressor is on the verge of complete failure, it will be difficult to determine with certainty that a replacement is necessary. First, make sure you make sure there is adequate air flow, clean the condenser and install a new filter. Not only is this part of your basic maintenance of your system, but doing so will help eliminate any other issues that may be obscuring the problem.


If there are any other preventative maintenance procedures which are due, now is the time to do them. Tighten and inspect all electrical connections and check for frayed wiring. Check the operation of the control system and safety controls. These preventative maintenance steps will not only help you isolate the source of any concerns, but will help you extend the life and optimize the function of your reciprocating compressor.


If there is still a significant decrease in operation, it is now time to consider a valve replacement.


Arranging a Replacement


A well-engineered and manufactured compressor valve will not only extend system wide longevity, but will also assist in returning your reciprocating compressor to optimum performance. Make sure you work with a provider who uses high grade materials as well as rigorous manufacturing procedures. An experienced supplier will be able to assist you in determining which make of valve replacement will best suite your needs.



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