Valve Seat and Seat Ring Basics

Compressor valves come in an array of shapes and sizes, but all of them have one thing in common: the valve seat. And with the valve seat, there typically is a valve seat ring. Working in conjunction with each other, as well as with other parts of a valve, the seat and seat ring create an airtight environment that facilitates the proper function of a valve.


Valve Seat

The valve seat is a surface inside the body of a valve that comes into contact with the disk, which is a moveable component that restricts and allows flow through the valve. It has several important purposes, including the following:

  • Preventing compressed or combustion gasses from getting into the manifold.
  • Permitting a particular amount of heat to travel through the valve to the cylinder head.
  • Maintaining the proper seal of a mounted valve.
  • Reducing wear-resistance by resisting pressure and high heat.

Valve Seat Ring

The valve seat ring creates a shutoff surface. Typically held in place by pressure, a seat ring may also be threaded and screwed into the valve body. The seat ring is a crucial part for maintaining the strength of the seal within the valve and facilitating a seal that is free of leaks.

As crucial as they are, the valve seat and seat ring do not work alone. Other important compressor valve components include:

  • Gaskets –These aid in creating airtight seals within valves. These are especially useful for filling out imperfections in machined parts that would otherwise compromise the air tightness of the valve.
  • Springs – These facilitate rapid opening and closing of the valve to allow and restrict flow through the valve. Springs can be crafted from a variety of materials to accommodate different operating environments, including stainless steel, copper and others.
  • Valve plates – these, working in concert with other valve parts, regulate flow of air or fluid in a valve.


Periodic inspection of all compressor valve parts, including the seat and the ring, is recommended to ensure your machines remain in good working order.



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