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Everything You Need to Know About a Natural Gas Well

Everything You Need To Know About A Natural Gas Well-KB Delta

KB Delta is an expert in understanding natural gas compressors, compressor valves, and more. Let’s dive specifically into a natural gas well. The world runs on natural gas every day. You use it whenever you use your furnace, gas stove, and many other gas-powered appliances. All that gas has to come from somewhere, and it’s…

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Processing Natural Gas: 8 Steps to Know

Processing Natural Gas: 8 Steps To Know-KB Delta

Natural gas is valuable both as a clean source of energy and as a chemical feedstock in the manufacture of plastics. Before it reaches the consumer, it has to pass through several steps known as processing natural gas. These steps are necessary for the recovery of valuable components contained in the gas, as well as…

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What Is Shale Natural Gas and How Is It Different?

Fracking Drilling Rig for Shale Natural Gas | KB Delta

Natural gas mined from unconventional and conventional reservoirs are one in the same. Unconventional gas doesn’t refer to the type of gas itself, but instead the source rocks that create the gas found in these reservoirs. So what is the difference between shale natural gas, conventional natural gas, and unconventional gas?   Conventional Natural Gas…

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The Natural Gas Gathering Process

The Natural Gas Gathering Process-KB Delta

With a huge recent investment in natural gas reclamation, America has seen a recent upsurge in the amount of natural gas being produced. In 2009 America became the largest producer of dry natural gas in the world. As of the end of 2016, figures show that almost 25% of the world’s gas is being produced…

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