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Rewards for Choosing a Flat Wire Spring

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Even though a wire spring seems like a small component for your compressor to function correctly and efficiently, installing the correct wire spring is crucial for the utmost performance capabilities. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right spring, however, one of the best types of springs on the market is the flat wire spring. Here are three reasons that a flat wire spring is the best choice for your application.


Reduced Spring Length

Flat wire springs are designed with special care for projects that don’t allow for a lot of height. Just because the spring length is shorter, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the amount of spring or energy absorption that occurs. In fact, flat wire springs offer the benefit of providing an even higher energy absorption rate compared to a regular round wire compression spring.

Broad Range of Use

Some compression springs can only be used for one specific application and don’t provide a lot of versatility. Because flat wire springs are typically engineered for your precise request, many adjustments and requests can be made. With the use of expert geometry and the suitable materials based on the overall future environment conditions for the spring, a flat wire spring can be used in many different circumstances.


Brute Strength

To get the most out of your money, a flat wire spring is the answer. They are made from the highest quality of materials and offer a much longer lifetime than a round wire compression spring. A round wire spring that is being stretched and compressed continuously eventually causes buckling, friction, and the process of breaking down. Flat wire springs are built to engross high impact loads because of the loftier surface area between the coils.

There are many advantages to choosing a flat wire spring for your compressor beyond what was listed. Research your options by contacting a flat wire spring specialist.



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