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What Spring Material Is Right for Your Compressor?

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In machines, springs can play a variety of roles. They can store and release energy, absorb shock or maintain force between two surfaces. The role of the spring and the environment that it is in will help you determine what material your spring should be made out of. Here are a few spring materials and their attributes:

  1. Inconel 718

This is a Nickel-Chromium alloy that can perform well in temperatures ranging from -250°C to 700°C. The material can be welded very well. It is a very strong spring material.

  1. Hastelloy C-276

This is a Nickel-Molybdenum-Chromium alloy with additions of Tungsten. It is corrosion resistant to strong oxidizers and hot concentrated mineral acids among other corrosive materials. This material is particular good at resisting pitting and crevice corrosion.

  1. MP35N

This Cobalt-Nickel-Chrome-Molybdenum alloy has a lot of great uses. It has high strength, toughness and corrosion resistance. It performs well in hostile environments in salt water and hydrogen sulfide.


  1. Eligiloy

Eligiloy, also known as Phynox, is a coblt-based alloy. It is corrosion resistant and bio-compatible. Springs made from this material do well in temperatures as low as -269°C or as high as 500°C. This spring also does well in environments with organic and inorganic acids.

  1. Titanium

Titanium (Grade 5) is a titanium alloy. It has a low density and high strength. It can be made into a thin wire, and it is corrosion resistant. A spring made from this material can be used in environments of around 300°C for long periods of time. Because it is corrosion resistant, it does well in environments with salt water, humidity and sour gas.


When you have to pick a spring material for your compressor, you have to think about what it is going to have to do. You can talk with professionals who can help you design the perfect spring for your compressor no matter what industry you are in.



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