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How to Tell If a Damper Plate Needs Replacement

Does your damper plate need replacing? There are a lot of important factors to consider and kept in mind when thinking about this question. Read more below.

How to Tell If a Damper Plate Needs Replacement - KB Delta

Damper plates are used in a number of different types of machinery. In most cases, no matter if they are in a motor or a compressor, their role and importance are similar. In order to fully understand how important a damper plate is in a compressor, you have to look at what it does and what happens if it does not work properly.


The Role

The role of a damping plate is fairly straight forward. It is supposed to absorb noise and other vibrations so that the engine of the machine can run smoothly and quietly. The damper plate itself lessens these vibrations, which means that it goes through a lot of stress in its lifecycle.


The Issue

There are a lot of issues that can arise if the damper plate stops working correctly.


  1. If the plate stops working as it should, the compressor may become so noisy that even a stander-by can hear it.
  2. Because the plate is always vibrating while the compressor is running, another issue that can arise is that the plate itself can crack.
  3. Sometimes the plate becomes off-center, which means that it cannot work properly. When the plate loses its place, it can become cracked sooner and not properly dampen the vibrations.
  4. The plate can even get extremely dirty, which does not let it do its job properly.


When damper plates do not work right, it affects the entire compressor.


Get a New Damper Plate

If you notice that your compressor is louder than normal, it may be time to get a new damper plate. Otherwise, it is at least time to inspect your damper plate and ensure that it does not have cracks, is clean, and is centered.

You can prolong the life of your damper plate, and therefore of your compressor, by buying high quality products from reputable manufacturers. Because your damper plate is an important part of how your compressor runs, you want to make sure to take the time to do the proper maintenance.


How to Tell If a Damper Plate Needs Replacement - KB Delta


Signs For a Replacement

Damper plates are an important part of many machines. Again, these plates absorb vibration and noise while an engine runs, providing a smooth and quiet environment on the other side of the plate. In the course of their life cycle, they are often subject to high levels of mechanical stress. When they break or wear out, the machine may fail catastrophically or become extremely rough and noisy.

By learning about the signs of fatigue in damper plates, you can avoid problems of this sort. Here are four signs that you need replacement damper plates.


1. Listening for Noise

If a damper plate begins to make rattling noises, this is a sign that it may need immediate replacement. A mechanic’s stethoscope may be useful in determining whether noise is coming from the damper plate or from some other location. In more extreme cases, a noisy damper plate may be immediately obvious to the casual listener.


2. Looking for Cracks

Damper plates are constantly vibrating while the machine is in use. This can lead to fatigue and cracks in the long run. Remove the plate and check for hairline fractures. Once a crack is present, a further operation may quickly cause the entire plate to fail.


3. Checking for Proper Centering

If a damper plate is improperly centered, it may not be doing its job correctly. Loosen the bolts and check that the plate is in the correct position. Proper centering will lengthen the life of the damper plate and help it operate more efficiently. If a plate is damaged, it often cannot be centered correctly.


4. Watching Out for Debris

During the operation of a machine, dirt and debris can make their way into the area where the damper plate is installed. These pollutants can cause the plate to work inefficiently. A very dirty damper plate may not operate in the correct alignment. Proper cleaning will also help you see whether the plate is cracked or otherwise damaged.


Final Thought

Modern damper plates are an important technology that can help machines run more quietly and smoothly. Like all parts, they need regular maintenance and eventual replacement. This quick guide can help you keep your plates in top shape.


How to Tell If a Damper Plate Needs Replacement - KB Delta

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