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Compressor Valve Replacement Vs. Valve Repairs

Compressor Valve Replacement or Repair | KB Delta

The reality of compressor valves can initially be quite hard for most people to fathom, as these relatively small pieces of machinery are completely essential when it comes to making sure that our systems function the way that they should. We put so much pressure onto the compressor valves inside of our systems, and we do this on a frequent basis. To cope with this pressure, compressor valves are all specifically designed to be both durable and capable of coping well under increased amounts of pressure, but nothing lasts forever.

Before you can begin to understand whether a compressor valve replacement or repair would be best, you need to know about the compressor valves themselves.


What Makes a Good Compressor Valve?

One of the most important things that should be taken into consideration when you come to decide between compressor valve replacement and repair, is whether or not the valve was originally made out of a high-quality material. The best compressor valves all feature the highest grade of raw materials. The manufacturer should be able to talk about these materials. They should also be able to provide certificates of conformance upon request.

The best compressor valves will also come from a notable setting, where the keen eye of well-trained engineers comes into play. They utilize their expertise and the techniques that they have developed over the entirety of their career to ensure that the compressor valve is ready to play out the intended role within a system right from the start. With some intense attention to detail, engineers should never miss any defects. This all directly affects the overall lifespan of a compressor valve.

You should also consider the fact that companies who advance along with technology will always produce the best compressor valves. New innovations push the industry further and further, and manufacturers have to follow suit.


The Key to a Good Compressor Valve: Durability

The main objective that would be capable of separating a good compressor valve from a bad compressor valve is the overall durability of the valve itself. The key to producing a durable compressor valve lies directly in the material of the valve. It is also due to the techniques during the manufacturing process.

Metal compressor valves can be found across the industry, with stainless steel being the main product that can offer a number of qualities that people can benefit from. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and it can withstand a large number of different chemicals over prolonged time periods.

Thermoplastic is also a brilliant option that is becoming more commonplace. This is mostly because of the flexibility of the material, enabling it to create a good seal due to the way it conforms to the area around it. It is a rather meticulous process, as the plastic has to be injected into a mold that is shaped like the product that it is set to become.

A good manufacturer will be able to advise you on which material is best for your own specific requirements. But, what do you do if a part seems to fail?


Option A: Compressor Valve Replacement

Deciding whether or not you should arrange a compressor valve replacement or repair can be relatively difficult. Most companies aiming to repair their compressor valves in an effort to save money and time. Unfortunately, the opposite usually happens in this scenario. However, there are specific circumstances where repairing a compressor valve would be a good option.

Over time, the different pieces of machinery in our systems begin to succumb to general wear and tear. Problems can suddenly pop up out of nowhere. This leaves you in the blue and out of pocket while your system is inoperable. Knowing how to quickly handle these types of situations is important.

When you come to compressor valve replacement, you should always consult a high-quality manufacturer. This is especially true if your previous compressor valve was quite old. The manufacturer should be able to advise you and enable you to determine which compressor valve will be perfectly compatible for use in your system. This includes determining the material to make the valve out of. It should also include the manufacturing process, and the finish of the piece of machinery.

For example, using a laser cut manufacturing process ensures that your compressor valve will have an accurate fit. This fit will allow your compressor valve to operate in a consistent manner. The finish is incredibly important too, as the final paint job directly affects the overall performance of the valve itself. It should be noted that, eventually, all compressor valves will need to be replaced. The environment that they are subjected to involves high temperatures, chemicals, and corrosive atmospheric conditions.


Option B: Compressor Valve Repair

It can be really difficult to diagnose exactly which part of your system has failed. This is mostly due to the amount of machinery that has to work in harmony in order to keep your system up and running successfully. The signs of a breakdown can be difficult to spot, as they are usually subtle.

When a breakdown does occur within your system, you need to quickly decide whether or not you would like full compressor valve replacement, or just a small valve repair. Any lost time will result in lost profits, so snap decisions like these are important.

Before you make the decision to go with compressor valve replacement, there are a few things that you should do. Start by ensuring that there is an adequate amount of air flow within your system. Then, make sure that you clean the condenser well. You might need to install a new filter. This basic maintenance could be the key to making the actual problem easy to spot. It’s often that the real problem disguises itself as something else.

While you perform this basic maintenance, it would be a good idea to ensure that any preventative maintenance procedures take place. This includes checking all of the electrical connections for any signs of frayed wiring. Also check that all of the safety controls function correctly. This will again help you isolate an area of concern, enabling you to see exactly what needs to be repairing or replacement.


The Benefits of Replacing an Old Compressor Valve

Another thing to consider when it comes to making the decision to get a compressor valve replacement or to repair the valve, is how old the compressor valve in question actually is. If it is old, then you could see multiple different benefits by replacing it. This is because new material compositions and design innovations are constantly occurring in the industry, making compressor valves much more reliable.

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