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Compressor Valve Plates Manufactured for Durability

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In order for a compressor valve to function at its maximum efficiency, each of its individual components must be well-constructed. This includes the sealing components, which in certain types of compressor valves are the valve plates. Carefully manufactured compressor valve plates perform better for longer periods of time. Metals and thermoplastics each have advantages as materials, but the key to high-performing products is the fabrication process.




Metal valve plates should undergo a stringent manufacturing process. Stainless steel is a good choice for metal valve plate material because it is resistant to corrosion as well as water, steam, common manufacturing acids and gasoline.410 stainless steel is an especially desirable material grade.


Laser-cutting is a precise process, so laser-cut valve plates are highly likely to be exactly the desired shape and size. Putting laser-cut parts through an additional heat treatment minimizes any stresses caused by the manufacturing process, reducing the likelihood that the parts will warp over time.




The other option for compressor valve plate material is injection molded plastic. Thermoplastic valve plates are made of materials such as nylon and PEEK, and are normally filled with glass fiber or carbon fiber.The flexibility of thermoplastics allows them to conform more precisely to the valve seat over time, creating a better seal.


Injection molding is a meticulous process during which many factors must be considered, including the material being used, the shape of the mold, and the ultimate function of the pieces being designed. Companies thatare equipped to injection mold their compressor valve plates in-house have more control over their products,enabling them to create better components overall.


Consider Process As Well As Material


Whether you choose metal or thermoplastics for your compressor valve plate material will depend on your machine’s function. When choosing a provider for your valve plates, you should look for a company that not only uses the highest-grade materials for its parts, but also uses fastidious manufacturing procedures.When your compressor valve plates are made to last, your satisfaction will be lasting, too.



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