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Finding the Best Air Compressor for Your Needs

There are more varieties of air compressors available than ever before. If you are looking for a compressor for your job site, workplace, vehicle or home, you may be wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of different types. This quick guide to air compressors can help you choose the model that is best for your needs.


Mounted or Unmounted?


Some air compressors are permanently mounted and cannot be moved. These compressors are ideal for working in a set location such as a shop or a factory. Mounted air compressors are most often operated with electrical power. Different lengths of air hoses are available to give you maximum flexibility. If you need to work in the field or bring your equipment into a variety of environments, a portable air compressor may be the best choice for you. Portable units are often more expensive, but they give you the advantage of complete mobility while you work.


Electric or Gas-Powered?


Most commercial air compressors, especially mounted compressors, are operated with electrical power. They can be plugged into standard wall current in the shop or the home. Some electric compressors are designed with high-voltage options for additional power. These units do not operate well with extension cords, so a substantial length of air hose may be required. Gasoline-powered compressors are more portable and easier to use in remote locations. They can also be more noisy and expensive.


Oil or No Oil?


Some compressors are lubricated with oil in each cylinder. This oil must be regularly changed, just like the oil in a car. Oiled compressors generally cost more and require more maintenance, but they can last much longer than oil-less models if they are given correct care. Oil-less compressors use a permanent coating on the cylinders to replace traditional oil lubrication. They are a good choice for low-pressure jobs (under 120 PSI) and jobs requiring infrequent use.


Customers have more choices than ever in the modern air compressor market. By paying close attention to these features and options, you can find the machinery that works best for you.


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