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Compressor Repair Service: The Sum of its Parts

Compressor Repair | KB Delta

Compressors are complex pieces of machinery that are typically used to supply different types of gasses at increased amounts of pressure. They are made and appear in different forms and sizes and are used in a variety of different fields. Whether involving activities at a person’s home or small business, or having use in larger arenas such as construction, manufacturing or other industrial-related activities, compressors play an important role in the successful and efficient operation of different types of equipment and machinery.

If a compressor fails, one of several issues could be the basis for the malfunction. Since compressors are intricate and are comprised of numerous interacting parts, it is a possibility that one or several of those working parts will break down at some point and will need to be replaced. Fortunately, having the right person involved who has experience in dealing with the specific type of compressor can make the process of compressor repair seamless and have it back up and running within a reasonable timeframe.


Refinery and Gas Compressors and Valve Parts


Among the different types of compressors which are used in various operations on a regular basis are those that operate in the refinery and gas compressor industry. Natural gas, air, refrigeration and P.E.T. industry compressors are an important aspect of the machinery that is consistently used in those industries. And since this equipment is used extensively on a daily basis in demanding environments, it is inevitable that breakdowns and repairs will occur with the equipment and specifically with the compressors that are operating as part of them.

Several different kinds of parts are involved in a compressor’s inter-workings. Among those are valve parts, which assist in the regulation and control of the flow of a liquid or gas through an opening. However, like any of the other components that make up a compressor, valve parts can break down as well. During the lifespan of a compressor, it is possible that at least some valve parts will have to be repaired or replaced altogether.


Types of Valve Parts


The parts of which a compressor is comprised depend on the type of compressor and the nature of its use. In the case of compressors used in the natural gas, air, refrigeration and P.E.T. industry, a specific set of components is required. These types of compressors also feature designed valve parts which are involved in the important function of energy efficiency.

Valve parts include metallic plates, which take the form of wafer plates, damper plates, spring plates, valve plates and cushion plates. Additionally, Thermoplastic ported plates and rings are known to have an even better seal than metallic plates. While normal wear can cause the seals in metallic plates to weaken over the life of the valve, thermoplastic ported plates tend to be more flexible and bind better with a valve seal over time.

Springs play a critical role in a compressor’s proper functioning. They can be made of materials such as music wire, stainless steel, phosphor bronze and chrome silicon. Flat Wire Springs are compression springs whose wire has a rectangular cross section.

Valve parts also include Buttons, Wear Nubs, Valve Strip Wear Nubs, Guides, Stem Guides and Inserts. Profile and Lantern Rings, and other internal valve parts such as O-Rings and Gaskets, Locknuts, Guide Pins, Guide Rings and Washers, Lift Washers and Center Bolts are commonly used in a compressor’s make-up as well.

Refinery and Gas Compressor Repair Service


While refinery and gas compressors are made of complex valve systems with numerous interchanging parts, those parts are accessible and repairing them is a manageable process. Professionals with the suited background in compressor repair will be able to dissect the problem, locate the source of trouble within the system, and make the necessary repairs to the component or components which need to be addressed. In the case of larger industrial compressors, it is important to address any repairs promptly. Otherwise, the corresponding business could be adversely affected by a loss of time and money given any breakdowns in equipment and the need for subsequent repair.


Valve Part Replacement


When the need arises to repair a valve part, a question that can also be considered is whether it is more beneficial to repair the part in question or to replace it altogether, especially in cases in which the piece has worn down over time from use. Valve parts are very intricate mechanisms, and companies are available which specialize in the reproduction of these parts, often making them stronger and more efficient than the originals.

Companies with extensive engineering and compressor repair experience have a detailed knowledge of how these parts function and how they are designed, which results in professional manufacturing and reproduction. Such companies also stock these items, making the process that much easier. As such, it could save time and cost to purchase the replacement part and implement it rather than attempting to repair an existing part.

State-of-the-art Laser Profiling results in high quality, precisely-cut, stress-free metallic compressor valve plates and rings. Laser metal cutting systems and metal plate finishing and flattening processes lead to high quality steel parts that meet with industry standards.

When dealing with Super Alloy, Flat Wire or other types of springs, seasoned manufacturers can operate with numerous materials such as music wire, stainless steel and beryllium copper to develop the type of spring needed for the compressor. Software and instruments can be used to run simulations and validate a design, followed by a series of tests to provide a stress analysis, force calculations and more.

In the case of plastic valve parts, professional manufacturers can mold those plastics to meet a customer’s specifications, whether the material is Nylon, Mid Temperature or Peek among others.

When the need arises for compressor repair, several different options are available to address the problem. The owner or operator of the equipment can find a suited professional to assess the situation and determine where the problem exists and what parts within the compressor are the source of the breakdown. At that point, they will be able to provide a determination as to what will be required and whether repair or replacement of the parts will be the best course of action. Depending on the appropriate course of action, the owner or operator can either elect to repair the malfunctioning part or parts, or contact an experienced manufacturer to acquire replacements.


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