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What Makes Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Such a Durable Plastic?

Why Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is a Durable Plastic - KB Delta

Delve into the science behind PET, examining its chemical composition and physical properties that make it such a durable plastic. We also discuss the various applications of PET, its environmental impact, and how advancements in PET recycling are helping to make it a more sustainable material. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), known within the textile industry as…

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A Compression Mold vs. Injection Mold: Which Is Right for You?

A Compression Mold vs. Injection Mold Which Is Right for You - KB Delta

Plastic is one of the most-used materials for creating large numbers of consumer products. In addition, many industries use plastic components as substitutes for their metallic counterparts. As a result, numerous techniques for producing plastic materials are also emerging, though the most popular methods remain creating compression molds and injection molds. Plastic is one of…

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The Sustainability Pros and Cons of Plastic Moulding

The Sustainability Pros and Cons of Plastic Moulding - KB Delta

Injection plastic moulding is an efficient and sustainable manufacturing method that produces high-quality products, reduces waste and greenhouse gas emissions, and helps to clean up nature while improving a brand’s reputation through eco-friendly practices. Read on for more! The injection plastic moulding industry is improving almost every year by offering a more environmentally friendly process…

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What Are the Steps to Injection Molding Plastic?

What Are the Steps to Injection Molding Plastic - KB Delta

Read on to learn about injection molding plastic, which involves fabricating plastic components of varying complexity, sizes, and application.  One of the popular methods for manufacturing plastic components is injection molding. This process, which is not overly complicated, is favored chiefly due to its tendency to facilitate extensive production runs of identical components. Moreover, it…

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Custom Blow Molding: Know Your Method Options

Custom Blow Molding: Know Your Method Options - KB Delta

When it comes to custom blow molding, there are various method options to consider. That said, it’s helpful to learn the details about all of them. Read more below. The adoption of custom blow molding in PET bottle manufacturing is needed to create uniform or conforming hollow shapes in plastic bottles that are meant for…

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4 Essential Steps to PET Bottling Manufacturing

4 Essential Steps To Pet Bottling Manufacturing-KB Delta

The employment of steps to PET bottling manufacturing has led to the creation of a wide range of plastic bottles in different shapes and sizes. These are bottles that can serve as a storage for water, drinks, beverages, food, each of which can be attributed to the pet bottle manufacturing method. Generally, bottles are in…

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What Type of Plastic Molding is Best for Your Company?

Types of Plastic Molding - KB Delta

The nature of plastic allows it to be molded into different shapes and sizes during its manufacturing process; so which is the best type of plastic molding for you? The processes involved vary greatly which could make it difficult to determine what type of plastic molding is best for your company and generally, the plastic…

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Single-Stage vs. Two-Stage Blow Molding Machines: A Guide

Single-Stage Vs. Two-Stage Blow Molding Machines: A Guide-KB Delta

In the world of manufacturing, especially bottle manufacturing, blow molding machines are essential — but which is better for you: a single-stage process or a two-stage process? Blow molding machines employed in PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle manufacturing are of various types, and that is why manufacturers need to ascertain the actual injection stretch blow molding process to…

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How to Reduce Weaknesses With Stress Free Molding

How To Reduce Weakness With Stress Molding-KB Delta

Residual stress creates weaknesses after a load is removed from a material and can be detrimental to your manufacturing products. Stress free molding, and the mold stress relief test can reduce these harmful weaknesses. Stress free molding is most popularly known in the form of the Mold Stress Relief Test. Any object containing a plastic…

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