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Don’t Stress About Stressing Out Your Compressor Valve Plate

Compressor Valve Plate | KB Delta

Your compressor valve plate is the heart of a compressor. So, when they break down it’s essential to find a new plate immediately. Here’s how to.

In everything in life, there seems to be that extra special part that may be small compared to the whole, but becomes large when it breaks down. Sometimes you don’t even realize just what certain parts endure to keep your machines running smoothly and efficiently. However, once your machines begin to break down, you will have to take a closer look.

In the trades that rely on compressors to perform their industrial and manufacturing responsibilities at high velocity and constant motion, it’s the valves that need to be recognized.

A compressor valve plate plays such a major role in the function of your compressor, that they are even considered the heart of the machine.

Just like your daily stresses of trying to properly balance your work and family, compressor valves are designed to meet the rigorous demands of constant air flow and pressure. And just like you, where any extra pressure, abrasive situation or added stress may cause a breakdown, the valves face the same kinds of issues constantly and at high temperatures.

Additionally, issues like flutter and excessive force due to severe environments as well as valves having to function in sour or dirty gas situations may also cause them to fail.

When armed with a little knowledge and understand of the product and what to look for in a manufacturer, finding the right compressor valve plate can be a simple task.


Decide Which Compressor Valve Plate Will Suit Your Purpose

Because compressors can be found in so many types of industries, performing at diverse levels and producing varying products, it stands to reason that each type of business would require a different type of compressor valve plate. Therefore, it’s important to know how to choose the right one.

Here, the focus will be on two specific types of plates.

One is metallic and the other is made from thermoplastic materials.

The one you choose will depend on its function and its environment.


Metallic Plates

Metallic plates are considered durable and are used in industries like the following:

When selecting the right metallic compressor valve plate, look for designs created from the latest technology that are stress-free and made from only the be best quality stainless steels.

These parts must pass through measures that test their strength and capability as well as rigorous quality control requirements to meet the specifications required of it.

Resilient components that prove stress free and scrape resistant are made when the metal is a high grade that has muscle, rigidity and isn’t prone to deterioration.

Some important attributes to look for in a company that manufactures these steel parts are whether it uses precise cutting from a high-tech method and ensures that every feature like spring plate lift and plate thickness is exact.

Additionally, ensure that it uses specialized, in-house procedures to complete the product to meet or exceed OEM standards.

All of these considerations will make the difference and affect the life of your part and compressor as a whole.


Thermoplastic Plates

Thermoplastic plates are flexible and sturdy, with exceptional characteristics that withstand excessive temperatures.

They are able to avoid collecting tiny fragments of dirt, which help keep them free of nicks and cracks. They are used in the industries that require their components to endure extreme heat.

There are different varieties of thermoplastic plates available to suit your specific requirements. It’s good to understand which ones work the best for the temperature levels they will be experiencing.

For instance, lower degrees would require a nylon 6/6: 30% glass filled, moderate range temperatures would use a nylon 4/6: 30% glass filled and for extreme grades of heat, PEEK, polyether ether ketone would be used.

A company that employs only the most well-known and dependable plastic resources is the place to start when deciding on your compressor valve plate. The most up-to-date molding machines will produce the highest quality and will ensure that the exact specifications are achieved for the best performing parts.

Make sure the component comes from a manufacturer that is willing to tailor the thickness of your part.

To ensure proper flatness is achieved, the company may offer a lapping process prior to their quality inspection.


Consider the Amazing Damping Disk

Damping Plates | KB Delta

Similar to the creamy filling between two cookies, there is another plate that can cushion the compressor valve plate, called a damping disk.

It is non-sealing and treated to endure extreme high and low temperatures. It can float or it may be spring loaded and sits between the main component and the valve.

This special disk receives the worst part of the impact and diminishes any trembling the main valve may experience due to excessive speed or variance.

Additionally, this disk can hold its own against possible deterioration due to exposure to chemicals. It is like the valve plate’s protector and can help increase the life of the valve because it takes on all the harsh degrees of the process of the compressor before they reach the main valve.

Any company that manufactures these disks will use the highest quality materials and understand the importance of the role they play in the life of your valve and ultimately your compressor as a whole.


Make the Right Choice From the Right Company

Obviously, finding the correct compressor valve plate is more than just a part number.

There are many considerations to take in.

First, determine the type of valve that is designed to work the most efficiently for your particular industry, whether metallic or thermoplastic.

Next, if you decide on the thermoplastic it’s very important to understand the degrees of temperature that your compressor will place on that valve.

The most important consideration is who you are purchasing your valve from.

Companies that stand out in producing high quality parts by using only the best sources of material, the most up-to-date technology, in-house proofing procedures with exceptional quality control standards, and have the experience to guide you to the perfect product for your needs are the ones to look for when making an educated choice.

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