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Benefits of Quality Ported Plate Valves

Ported Plate Valves | KB Delta

Valves are essential parts of any compressor; they determine the flow of air throughout the machine. As such, it is critical that the components of the valve are in the best shape. Certain parts, such as the ported plate valves, provide several advantages in the compression process. Below are a few key features and benefits of quality ported plate vales.



Considering that compressors are used for different types of machinery, it is understandable how a variety of valves would be beneficial. There are different types of plate valve options available to meet the particular requirements for a number of different machines. Some are made with certain products in mind, while others are created for more general use. It is important to keep this in mind when selecting the valves for your compressor needs.


Unique Design

Ported plate valves are uniquely designed to perform certain operations within the compressor. Without the valve operating or connecting with the other parts of the compressor correctly, the machinery could malfunction. On the other hand, when the parts work together correctly they can increase the efficiency of the equipment. Quality plate valves are crafted to fit snuggly on the compressor to provide the best results.


Material Type

Depending upon the type of machine that the compressor is supporting, different material types might be necessary. Therefore, valves may be formed from metallic or non-metallic material. The metallic pieces are created from stainless-steel, which gives them certain characteristics:

  • Durability, not easily broken
  • Maintains its shape, not flimsy
  • Resists corrosion

Some non-metallic materials also possess desirable characteristics, including:

  • Chemical resistance
  • High temperature tolerance
  • Able to withstand strong impact

When selecting your new ported plate valves or replacements for old ones, it is important that you understand what makes the pieces quality investments. By understanding what makes a ported plate valve a quality piece you can be sure to select the right option for your particular needs.

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