3 Impressive Characteristics of Steel Springs

Steel Springs | KBDelta.comSprings are made from many materials, including bronze, copper, nickel and titanium. Steel alloys are by far the most commonly used spring materials due to their impressive strength and durability. By reviewing the following information, you will see that there are several characteristics that make steel springs desirable among customers.


1. Superior Yield Strength

When discussing springs, the term “yield strength” comes up frequently. This refers to a material’s ability to be twisted or bent without sustaining permanent damage. Some spring materials have higher yield strengths than others. Steel alloy possesses exceptional yield strength. You could apply significant physical force, and it does not concede to the pressure. This is what makes steel springs so popular. Springs are constantly compressed and decompressed. If not crafted from durable materials, they are sure to break after only a few uses. Steel springs are long-lasting and able to endure frequent twisting and bending.


2. Robust Design

Though their name does little to convey it, steel springs actually contain silicon in their composition, which make them highly robust. In addition, the devices are cooled after casting rather than boiled. This further improves their overall strength. Due to their overall durability, the springs are used for a wide range of applications. Typical uses for steel springs include:

  • Saw blades
  • Vehicle suspension
  • Tape measures

3. Resistant to Corrosive Forces

Nothing lasts forever. It is only a matter of time before objects are subject to decline and total degradation. With steel springs, though, that time is pushed further into the future. These materials usually have a protective coating, which prevents corrosion. Some steel alloys are actually strong enough to avoid corrosion at extremely high temperatures. Besides being difficult to physically damage, steel springs are also resistant to the disintegrating effects of time and weather.

Steel springs come in several varieties. When looking for a strong, long-lasting spring material, search no further than steel alloy. Regardless of how you use the springs, they retain their shape and durability for many years.


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