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Why Life is Better With Lantern Rings

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In many machines, especially those that require a pump mechanism with outside lubrication in order to operate, fluids must be transferred from one part of the pump to another. This process is made significantly smoother with the use of lantern rings. They protect the packing from chemicals and abrasives while keeping things cool and lubricated. Lantern rings have many positive qualities that allow machines to perform efficiently.


Provide Quality Without Expense

Most of the lantern rings used today are made of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which is highly resistant to friction and corrosives. This makes it very useful in machines with pumps where different parts must rub together in order for the pump to work. Unlike metal lantern rings that can be easily affected by harsh chemicals or lubricants, the non-reactive nature of PTFE lantern rings allows them to last longer. Since they do not often require replacement and are inexpensive to purchase, they make life easier for manufacturers as well as machine operators.


Withstand Extreme Temperatures

PTFE lantern rings are able to endure temperatures as low as -85 degrees Celsius or -120 degrees Fahrenheit, and as high as 232 degrees Celsius or 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Because lantern rings are used mostly in parts that produce friction, their ability to function under these temperatures is crucial. It also means they can still work properly in cooler temperatures and when interacting with liquids of various degrees.


Compatible With Most Fluids

The fluids required for optimal performance in some machines are highly corrosive and even combustible. The chemical makeup of PTFE lantern rings involves very strong carbon-fluorine bonds. This allows them to seal in oils, grease, acids and a variety of other potentially damaging fluids without becoming corroded and ineffective.


Extend Equipment Lifespans

Imagine how frustrating it would be if you had to replace a pump or machine regularly because it had become damaged by reactive chemicals. You would end up spending way more money on parts than is necessary. Lantern rings keep your mechanical parts working properly not only by keeping harmful chemicals isolated but also by preventing shafts and sleeves from gall or scoring. Lantern rings save you money by keeping machines in running order for a longer period of time.


Wide Variety of Applications

Many industries rely heavily on the proper functioning of machines. Just about every manufacturing plant would suffer if PFTE lantern rings suddenly became unavailable. Think about the potential disasters that could occur in a chemical processing plant or waste facility if there were no lantern rings. Many types of plants and industries would almost cease to exist. Turbine pumps, wastewater pumps, chemical processing pumps and even agitators and mixers would soon break down without the aid of lantern rings.

It is interesting that so many machines and even industries are very dependent on a part as small and seemingly simple as lantern rings. If you are at all familiar with mechanics, you may very well understand just how crucial they are in our society. It can be important to take a step back and be grateful for all the little pieces that enable our world to run more smoothly and help us continue to make advancements that can benefit mankind.



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