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Why Compression Flat Wire Springs Work Efficiently

Compressor springs may not seem that important to the overall operation, but they are vital to the performance of the equipment. One aspect of the coil that increases functionality and longevity is to use a flat wire to create the spring. By having a rectangular cross section, there are many benefits which can be awarded.


Benefits of Flat Wire Springs


Compression flat wire springs have benefits over traditional round wire springs. They actually store more energy in a smaller space. When space is limited, this is an added benefit. The flat wire absorbs impact more effectively than round wire which prevents premature damage to the coil. The load is spread out more evenly throughout the coil, keeping the coil from cracking or deteriorating. Round wire coils often fail prematurely in dynamic applications that have rapid openings or sudden stops. Flat wire springs adjust better to these conditions.


Customizing Spring Functionality


Coil springs are often sensitive to internal temperatures changes. They corrode quicker than other elements when they are not manufactured to the precise conditions under which they will be used. Working with engineers who understand compression flat wire springs helps you get the part which fits your needs. Here are six areas that designers can work with your team to create the spring to meet your compressor operations:


  • Formula of the materials used to construct the spring
  • The surface treatment to prevent corrosion
  • Precise dimensions
  • Testing prototypes and manufactured springs
  • Manufacturing the springs
  • Quality assurance over the long haul


Compression flat wire springs can be compounded from many different materials to fit the conditions of your compressors. Let the engineers working with you to manufacture these coils provide options for the best fit. Using the technology and science available, predictions and evaluations can be made about the right manufacturing methods for your needs. It is an investment in your larger equipment to have the parts that fit the way they work.



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