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What You Do Not Know About Compressor Springs Does Hurt You

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Compressors open and close over one million times a day. Their ability to function through such repetitive abuse is dependent on a few major factors, one of which is the compressor spring. Manufacturers have invested heavily in new technologies that can optimize the performance of these springs, and the results have paid dividends. These are the biggest changes and how they improve performance.


New Alloys

Alloys combining nickel and chromium have created compressor springs that can endure harsh conditions longer and more efficiently than ever before. Where traditional metals were able to withstand high temperatures, oxidized Nickel alloys thrive. Material design makes springs that are most efficient in extreme temperatures and pressures, with some achieving peak performance at over 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. Any industrial compressor will see longer life and improved efficiency by upgrading valves and their components.


Improved Geometry

This is tied to the improvements in the materials making the spring. The devices can be shaped with greater precision than ever before, making them adaptable to very specific measurements and tolerances. Again improving the performance of the valve and overarching compressor, these improved springs have more predictable fatigue limits and symptoms, enabling an industrial machine to avoid major damage from valve failure.


Modelled Wear and Tear

Relaxation creep is a major problem for springs. Manufacturers making the most of new materials can actually predict the amount a spring will lose its rigidity with each compression. If they have the data on your device, they can anticipate the relaxation and design a spring that will have improved efficiency over the course of its life.


It may seem extreme to consider just the springs in the valves of your equipment, but this attention to detail is exactly why you should consider a conversation with valve experts. Their impressive knowledge can improve your operation on levels you have never considered, with compressor springs only being the beginning.



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