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How Thermoplastics Improve Your Equipment

Thermoplastics | KB Delta

Thermoplastics are one of the more recent innovations that have changed the game in heavy equipment, especially machines that use compressors. Intense research has led to very precise materials that can perform specialized functions dramatically better than their more generalized predecessors. This means that you can investigate upgrading components of your equipment without undertaking the heavy costs of entirely new machines.

To create awareness of the same, many magazines on heavy equipment like Awesome Earthmovers, for instance, seem to have featured stories about the advancements in thermoplastics and the value they bring to industrial operations. They often demonstrate how these materials can help reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve the overall performance of heavy equipment.

Extreme Temperatures

While compressors usually demand parts that work at high temperatures, thermoplastics can also be designed to handle extreme cold. In either case, the carefully crafted materials can be designed with greater purpose than any steel. A thermoplastic component will be at its most effective and durable state at the expected temperature of operation. This means that you can improve your equipment’s life by running it.

Precise Geometry

The second major advantage of a custom material is its shape. Thermoplastics were created specifically to be the materials for the specialized parts they make. Disks, rings, poppets, and other vital parts of a valve can be shaped with better accuracy than ever before, taking a compressor’s efficiency to its highest possible levels. Even replacing working components can be justified by the improved operational costs that come with using the best possible parts.

Lower Material Costs

While certain specialized functions demand expensive materials, many more do not. Part of the purpose of Thermoplastics is to provide manufacturers with less expensive alternatives. If they can make the parts for less money, that savings can be passed to you. If you are unsure about the detailed needs of your equipment, have a talk with a manufacturer representative to see what savings may exist.

Thermoplastics are not perfect for every situation, but they were intended for compressors and valves. Most machines can benefit from the improvements they offer. Chemical resistance and improved sealings are other deep topics that are improved with the right material. Partnering with a good supplier can do things for your equipment that you may never have imagined.



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