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Should You Use Metal or Thermoplastic Valve Plates?

Compressor valve plates will need to be replaced eventually because they handle a lot of wear and tear. When worn plates are swapped out for new ones, you might notice quite a boost in the power capacity of the machine and some of the problems that had begun to appear may be resolved. As you prepare to purchase replacement parts, consider the pros and cons to the most common compressor valve plate materials:


Metal Valve Plates

Metal Valve Plates |

Valve plates and other related supplies provide long lasting use with precision profiling. If you order your parts from a supplier that uses state-of-the-art laser metal cutting as well as metal plate finishing, you can expect to have strong and durable components that meet or exceed OEM standards. Stainless steel plates will be resistant to corrosion.


Thermoplastic Valve Plates

Thermoplastic Valve Plates |
When you need parts that are made to precise specifications, injected plastic plates may be one of your best options. There are a few different plastic-type compressor valve plate materials to consider, such as thermoplastics. These are usually polymers that are pliable above a certain temperature and then very durable once they cool. Thermoplastic valve plates may provide you with a better seal.

  • Nylon 6/6: 30% Glass filled for low temperatures
  • Nylon 4/6: 30% Glass filled excellent for mid temperatures
  • PEEK: Polyether Ether Ketone is an organic thermoplastic polymer excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties that are retained at high temperatures


Which Is Best for Your Project?

One of the common attributes that these materials have is the ability to withstand high levels of heat. As you consider your options, you will have to determine whether the durability of metal is most important or the flexible strength of polymers are more appropriate for your project.

With a few very good options in compressor valve plate materials, you will have the luxury of choosing between two very good solutions. Take a look at the parts that came with the compressor originally and consider any budget constraints you might have to determine the very best option for your project.


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